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I played their game for around a year. Lived in a roommate situation while I paid down debt and got where they said I needed to be. I was pushed from pillar to post as counsellor's quit, got fired and so on. I never really worked with the same person more than twice. Ultimately, I was told I qualified for $63k - not a thing I can buy for that in my area. Originally I was told by one... Read more

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  • Naca
  • Jan 29
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Naca is horrible organization i have the inside detail on how its ran do u want answers call me asap 704-963-3242. It is set up not to handle all there members. Filthy working conditions poor training. 900 members per rep. Dont support an organization. That slaves people for low wages exploits minorities bruce marks is notwho u think Add comment

I am so sorry you are having so much trouble. I personally bought my house through NACA in December 2016. It took me a total of 8 months. And, Yes it was tough!!! But it was worth every aggravation!! I recently became a Realtor in California to help people realize their dreams of becoming home owners. I handled my own purchase and I also had a client that bought a house through NACA and it took... Read more

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  • Naca
  • Jan 26
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For those who have a credible complaint against this company or any lender in general all you have to do is reach out to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You may also reach out to the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry. All lenders are required to be registered whether they are a for profit or non profit organization as long as they are lending on residential homes. Add comment

My family has been involved with NACA for approximately one year one month and one week. I cant say it has all been good and I can't say it's all been bad. I can say it's been a long ride and we are still no in our new home. We have had two counselors both have poor communication skills. The second counselor is much better than the first counselor. My honest opinion of the program is this...... Read more

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  • Naca
  • Jan 20
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Naca es una organizacion sin fines de "lucro" lucran *** tu tiempo.lucran *** tus suenos. Desorganizados. Mentirosos. Son. Hay que estar dentro para saber de que viven. Lo mas triste de esto es que mas personas van a caer en esta estafa. Add comment

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  • Naca
  • Jan 15
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Naca Has no conmunications with customers they never answer the phone and explain what customer need No support for customers Add comment

Im just so worry....Im with NACA at the Tampa office, right now we are just waiting on a clear to close and there's no office mgr, the only MC is on vacation and the person that is answering the phones is a temp. employee that just start last week. Its been a year we did everything that they asked us to do but we've been thru 3 differents mc because they quit and we still have faith in the... Read more

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I have been in the NACA program for over a year now. Cleaned up my credit....saved twice what they said I needed to save. HOWEVER....when I FAX, EMAIL, UPLOAD documents that are requested...then go in for my appointment. The *** counselor, Janice Donahue, that I was assigned tells me that she didn't receive them. After this happened the 1st time, I decided to take ADDTIONAL COPIES in with me... Read more

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The means of purchasing a home through the NACA purchase program may have its challenges but it is well worth it once you are in your home without having to take a big hit financially on the front end in order to have a mortgage that is reasonable. It is great that this program is offered to all without any income restrictions. Normally, any assistance with purchasing a home are only available... Read more

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