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My husband and I have been going through the Naca purchase program for almost a year now and have had a terrible experience. The lack of communication is horrible and even calling the National office is a joke. They just say they are sorry and forward you to a voicemail where no one returns your call. The counselor ignores all calls and emails. The last 3 appointments we have had have been cancelled and told that our counselor is reviewing our... Read more

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I called NACA today to find out how to pay my credit report fee and was informed that I had no appt. My appt was scheduled in January for July 19,2016. Well I was informed that the person my appt was with was no longer with the company. I was then asked did I get an email...... Really? Shouldn't they be able to tell me when I got the email? I was told, not that someone will call me about my appt that was scheduled since January but that I will... Read more

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We are at the end of our process, we got approved, found house we even got information about our mortgage from the actual bank. But yesterday, the problems began, it's almost like our counselor is fitting against us. Every hour he needs another document, that he didn't ask for previously.We send it to him, and it's another another thing. and about an hour ago he threatened to void our loan. I just don't understand. we are at the end, i mean... Read more

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Hi, I started my process with naca in December 2015 thereafter, I was giving a list of information needed by me and being the person that I am, I was very organized and willing to give them any and all that was necessary for the process but as time went on I found myself reissuing the same papers over and over again, because the counselor would say that she didn't get it. "really"...Then as time went on she started missing phone appts. And when... Read more

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I was a NACA client until my loan was paid off earlier this year. The originating bank--Bank of America--sold the loan to M&T Bank, even though I had not refinanced. If you are not refinancing, the loan should not be sold--this is a NACA stipulation. The sell almost put me into foreclosure because I knew I was going all the way with BOA and assumed I was still making automatic drafts to them. I lost my insurance, messed up my credit, and after... Read more

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Back in 2009 NACA brought me within 24 hours of losing my home luckily my states banking department help me out in the last 24 hours And told me what I needed to do to save my home because NACA failed me and I wish I can sue the *** out of them. All I got was a lot of miss representation bad advice and very poor customer service, NACA Stinks

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I recommended this program to my mom and she started in December 2015 getting items together and I sent items in on her behalf in Feb. 2016 and the counselor hadn't looked at them until May 2016. Now my mom has to try and find an apartment with a month to month if she stays in the process- she has completely given up. I regret that I even mentioned this program to her. Very unprofessional- the counselor. I am a paralegal and if I waited months... Read more

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Being the organized person that I am I was prepared for homeownership before I ever attended the initial NACA workshop during January of 2016. After the workshop I was scheduled to have my first appointment in February of 2016. By this time I had submitted, paystubs, banks statements, etc. I took a day off of work to go to the first meeting and my unprofessional counselor had thee nastiest attitude, but I tried to ignore it because I wanted to... Read more

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I am having issues with the same underwriter John Anderson, We had our information submitted to him for the second time. The first rejection included payment shock and tax payment installments needed. After waiting 3 months, we provided the only information that he stated he needed. Now he is stating that with the new tax information for this year submitted he will need for me to pay off the taxes for this year before I can qualify after asking... Read more

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I started with NACA's Cleveland office back in January of 2016. It is now June of 2016, and I've submitted thousands of documents to them, showed up for three in-person appointments, only to have additional appointments scheduled...and never received even received a pre-approval. I've been waiting on my counsel to call me back for the past three weeks. She won't even respond to me through e-mail...Neither would the office manager in Cleveland... Read more

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