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Naca Counselor is real real bad.....not returning call ...can be in the office not doing anything but yet will not pick up the phone...There is no need to hurry up to give your Counselor papers that she requested from you as soon as possible because he/she is going to take her a month before she sees your file....You cannot actually talk to the UW it is a no no.....your MC really does not know what she is doing? they are a bit nonchalant because they do not long as it says that Submitted to the UW can rest assure that you... Read more

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I was assigned a counselor initially for my intake who was very pleasant and helpful. When that counselor left the office, I was assigned to another, who was abrasive and withheld important information from me. She ignored any emails about the process I sent and would not look me in the eye when I volunteered to help for a NACA event. Despite being proactive in the process and completing all actions I was given, I was told I was missing something each time I visited. Each appointment became more uncomfortable and I chose to go the... Read more

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My fiance and I started the NACA process back in August of 2016. We were finally done with underwriting back in February. We have been searching for houses and using the NACA calculator to make sure we qualify as directed in our NACA workshop. In March, NACA implemented a "new policy" of purchase price ceilings which they NEVER told us about and neither did our mortgage counselor. We were "grandfathered in" however as of today we have lost 6 yes 6 properties because our mortgage counselor can not produce a property specific approval letter in... Read more

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Im a Realtor and have been in the business for years. I have never in my life experienced such lack of professionalism. I believe the maybe hiring ex cons to process there loans... His name was Kenneth Vass... Consumer beware... Add comment

How do I go about getting a remote counselor. I started with a counselor in April of 2015, I had my initial appointment and set up a follow up meeting in June 2015. the guy told me I would be qualified by July 2015 ,never heard another word from the guy. I go to the office for my June appointment and I am told he was fired almost 2 months ago? Not only was I not notified that my appointment would not be taking place but was told to call and reschedule another appointment. The earliest I was able to get in was late August 2015. I was told all... Read more

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I purchased my first home with NACA in 1998. My experience was nothing short of miraculous... I had my first appointment in October of 1997, and the loan counselor told me what steps I needed to take to be on track (mostly to continue to pay on time for another 7 months). I closed on my house in July of 1998, after a relatively smooth process with people who really seemed to care about helping me purchase a home. This was part of the reason I became a realtor. Fast forward 18 years. I'm an agent working with an *approved* NACA buyer (just... Read more

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If you give some money to the counselor, you lucky you finish asap. Otherwise you could wait months.......shame Add comment

I don't know what race you are, but I'm white and I couldn't help but notice a preponderance of black people who were VERY rude to Asians here in San Francisco. Everytime my son and I completed what they said they needed, there would be another set of stuff they absolutely had to have before we could be "submitted." Nothing ever happened other than a complete waste of our time for YEARS! We were never approved for anything. The office was disgusting. Their staff stood us up. I mean I would take time off from work to go to their meetings... Read more

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I was supposed to have my initial intake appointment today with the assigned Mortgage Counselor (not mentioning names) but that never materialized. I confirmed my appointment last week and was assured of a slot so I excused myself from work early in order to make it for this appointment. Once I got to the office I waited for more than an hour and was then informed that I would have to make another appointment for the Initial intake. Really NACA? I understand that things come up but what happened to calling and letting people with scheduled... Read more

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Naca Loan officers are not equipped to attend hundreds of customers. I have been with Naca since September 2015 and ready for underwriting since February 2015. Still waiting for my counselor to work on my paper work. I have giving a 8 months period of all the required documents. I am suppose to be in the final stages but still waiting on my counselor to have the time to work on it because he is over worked with hundreds of customers. The waiting period is not acceptable; while the interest rates continue to grow I CAN'T AFFORD TO CONTINUE... Read more

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