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I am a Naca Agent in Baton Rouge Louisiana and the program does work I work with it now and been working with the program since 1999 you just have to be patient with the program it is a good program. When they asked for all of your documents you have to provide it and keep your pay checks to give to them every month it is not the program sometimes it is the client not bring in what they need to w2's it is just like a bank loan but you can buy... Read more

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I had the misfortune to have an encounter with Laura at the Newark office. She spoke to me in an undermining and demeaning manner. Of course, she was extremely rude and disrespectful. She was actually raising her voice at me and then she insisted that she is the one that gives me the money for the loan. During the meeting, I had to go out to the reception area and complain. The receptionist did address my concerns by allowing me to wait for... Read more

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Just save yourself the time and try to find another program. I guess i do not fit the typical profile of a would be homeowner for Naca's program. I have a Fico credit score over 750,and make over $90,000.I also have a $16,000 down payment. I was looking for a home in the $90,000-175,000 range. I feel Debbie in the Philadelphia office is intentionally holding me up,either because she does not like me personally because i am Trinidadian and have... Read more

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This program sucks! We've been in Naca for 2+ years! It's always something every time you go. You bring that paper work, more and more. Now, when it's time to go back you have to do the same thing all over again and update it. Never ending!

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After confirming the workshop yesterday (they called me). I showed up 15 minutes before the workshop was to start and was told by a lady standing outside it was canceled, "the church won't let us in," she said. I won't be trying this again, I believe in first impressions and the unprofessional-ism and disregard for our time has me completely disgusted with NACA right off the bat. They had my number and email, like the other dozen or more people... Read more

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I attended my homeowner workshop in Oct 2014, was approved by Feb 2015, and closed on my home in May 2015. But it was A LOT of work, required great organizational skills, and prompt follow up. I had an excellent counselor, Wade Hampton. If you do your part then your counselor will do there part. While it is true that the process could use a major overhaul, don't give up! Have your paperwork in order and follow your plan as outlined by your... Read more

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My husband and I have been going through the Naca purchase program for almost a year now and have had a terrible experience. The lack of communication is horrible and even calling the National office is a joke. They just say they are sorry and forward you to a voicemail where no one returns your call. The counselor ignores all calls and emails. The last 3 appointments we have had have been cancelled and told that our counselor is reviewing our... Read more

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I called NACA today to find out how to pay my credit report fee and was informed that I had no appt. My appt was scheduled in January for July 19,2016. Well I was informed that the person my appt was with was no longer with the company. I was then asked did I get an email...... Really? Shouldn't they be able to tell me when I got the email? I was told, not that someone will call me about my appt that was scheduled since January but that I will... Read more

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We are at the end of our process, we got approved, found house we even got information about our mortgage from the actual bank. But yesterday, the problems began, it's almost like our counselor is fitting against us. Every hour he needs another document, that he didn't ask for previously.We send it to him, and it's another another thing. and about an hour ago he threatened to void our loan. I just don't understand. we are at the end, i mean... Read more

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Hi, I started my process with naca in December 2015 thereafter, I was giving a list of information needed by me and being the person that I am, I was very organized and willing to give them any and all that was necessary for the process but as time went on I found myself reissuing the same papers over and over again, because the counselor would say that she didn't get it. "really"...Then as time went on she started missing phone appts. And when... Read more

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