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I was approved in 45 days, after that I started looking for house. It's a great program, I'm buying the house with a 1.7% rate. If you have been organized with your payments (rent - last 12 months) electricity, Internet and credit card - last 6 months) you will ge approved immediately. My advice, get an agent that knows Naca processes and knows the people that works at Naca, it will expedite your process because your agent will get your file... Read more

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NACA is horrible, unprofessional and do nothing but get your hopes up. They have a high turnover rate of counselors, nothing is ever resolved, your files are shuffled from one person to the next and you will never get a definite answer from anyone. I have been working with them for 6 months and it's been the worst experience ever!!! Read more

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I were interested in the NACA Program so I went applied and told my friends and family about it. We all attended the session to get registered and received the appointment to talk to a counselor and had to pay money for credit report and member fee. We all was denied for one reason to another the NACA is just collecting free money and this organization is discriminating because the people on the pictures that's approved is majority one ethic... Read more

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Do not purchase a home through Naca unless you are desperate. The Hand department is very dishonest. They lie and say they never received your documents. Also, when they are held accountable they will doctor up your doc's to make sure it appears you made the errors. It could take weeks for you to receive a written or verbal response to one question. If I could do this over I would have got involved with them. My hair is falling out. It takes... Read more

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I have been in the process of trying to buy a home after I lost my home 4 years ago with the housing disaster. It has been a year and a half. The most recent frustration just happened. I have jumped through all the hoops and I have submitted countless papers and documents and everytime it gets to the underwriter they/she comes up with one more thing, then i have to wait another month because my counselor is so overworked that he doesn't have an... Read more

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Where to begin. I started the process in 2014. Completed budget, paid dues, scanned all these required documents, etc. I had a health issue Dec. 2015 with breast cancer and had to put everything on hold. I reached back out after completion of treatment and returning to work in November. I live in Nashville, Tn so I had to have phone interviews with nearest office which is Memphis. I drove to Alabama for required seminar attendance and given a... Read more

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I also have been trying to get in touch with Ed in the Las Vegas office and he still has yet to answer my emails and Briana hasn't responded to my emails or text, which she said she does text back quickly. Thought I was going to get a good deal. Naca is be dragging my partner and I along for a year now so it's time to pick up and move on as most people have after being on the line for so long. There are plenty of other programs out there who... Read more

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Huge waste of time. Reams of paper. Years lost. Still no house.

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Been with NACA for 3 years. First year they lost all my docs so Underwriting told me to start over. Attended meetings, got new naca number, and started again. Volunteered my time, paid membership dues, etc... now 2 more years later and still no home. NACA is volume and the reps have too many cases, and many do not care at all. This past year I have been thru 4 counselors because each one quits just before my assigned meeting 3 months later,... Read more

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I can give a SELLERS overview for working with NACA. Do. Not. Do. It. Very simple and I repeat: DO NOT DO IT. Wait for a buyer who can put true skin in the game and a loan process that is handled efficiently. So far we've been through two extensions, we have all our belongings in storage, made all home repair requests per NACA, have all our fire certs and other needed by the seller to close. It's cost us storage fees for our belongings, we're... Read more

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