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My name is Mr.C Lawson i made an appointment to get my upper right side to get looked at and to see what would it coast be and my upper left side also so they the doctor at the coastal dental inform me that they would have do an x ray to determine the cost,So after the x rays was done she told me to come up and meet her in the front desk so i was going to pay her for the x rays with my debit card she told me that she had put all the charges on my dental care card the sum of 4,600 dollars with misinforming about it ,she stated that all i have do is just come in to your next appointment i told her that i just wanted to know the cost that's all so the doctor came over to tell me that it's too late she already charged to the card and it can;t be removed i told him that i am not going to pay him because i did'tn ask for the service after that my credit went from 740 to 500 because he had hired a collection company called AWA question can i get some help from problem i have and if not head me in the right direction thank you.Ho i almost forgot the dental insurance company refused to pay after i inform them that he did not start the work,this when he went after me for the money and the work he didn't perform my contact is 754-234-4645

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