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First Counselor quit, the second one had to start all over again,bthe 3rd gave me the run around with paper work what she asked for I brought in to her, then a year went by got me credit straight, next appointment she tells me to pay another fee which I did took my money then tells me these are not the transcripts she asked for. I feel like I paid fees to be running around in circles for a whole year and two months.

complain to Ms. Helen about my issues I haven't heard nothing back from her what a rip off

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NACA had me arrested because I am exposing their blatant regard to State and Federal Laws. Search NACA on facebook and you will see my videos. Feel free to reach out to me if you need the proper authorities to report them to.


That was my experience as well. I will be very vocal to discourage anyone to use NACA.

11 months of jumping through hoops to only be turned down. Was approved through Fannie Mae with 5% down the very next day. Full doc my *** Run fast from poor customer service, rude behavior, incompetence, and a broken system.

I truly believe that if I wasn't a single white male, I would have been approved! They want you to commit days of your life to support their cause after you close, but it looks like they are also starting an army to discourage others from going down their rabbit hole!

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