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I started this program in March and I am currently awaiting another closing date on my house after already giving NACA 45 days to close. Everything has been submitted, contracts signed, bank approval, but of course NACA decides they need something else.

The lender (bank) even told them (and I have it in writing) that what they were requesting was not needed in order for me to close on my house. I'm purchasing a 5 bedroom new construction home, which should be easier seeing as how there aren't any repairs to be done to the home. Despite that being the case, things are still delayed because of NACA's inability to communicate and respond in a timely manner. Due to my counselor not returning phone calls or responding to emails my original close date has been delayed.

On top of that I paid my HOI premium out of pocket and submitted the receipt to NACA then to find out when I received my estimated closing costs papers from the bank it listed that my HOI was being escrowed even though I PAID IT IN FULL. I tried to contact NACA to tell them about this error and once again after 4-5 phone messages and 3-4 emails, still no response. My real estate agent has even tried contacting my NACA Consultant at this point and he has been unsuccessful. I even went as far as trying to contact the bank directly and all they did was direct me back to NACA.

So now I'm waiting on NACA to provide me with another closing date but as of right now they don't even know that the amount I have to bring on the day of closing is incorrect due to my HOI premium being paid in full. I have excellent credit (780), great income, very minimal debt and I'm very organized...ideal candidate for this program is what you would think. Still despite me submitting everything to NACA in less than 24 hours of it being requested they still lost paperwork, didn't meet their own deadlines and were not knowledgeable about everything that was needed. **My counselor even one time e-mailed me another persons 4506T (tax document) that had all of their personal identifying information on it.

I could see this persons name, address, SS#, DOB, etc. What's sad is that she didn't even realize it. I had to tell her!! Thankfully I'm not a thief because I could have stolen this person's identity smh.

This process has been a nightmare to say the least. Someone asked me the other day if I was excited about purchasing my first home at the age of 31 on my own and my answer was no. NACA has completely taken the joy and excitement out of purchasing a new home because of their inability to effectively operate this program. A phone call or email to answer a question can take less than 5 minutes, but they don't even do that.

This is only the largest purchase I will make in my life by myself but none of that matters to NACA. If I had to do this process all over again I wouldn't.

The headache and stress of this program is not worth it. The thing I am most happy about when it comes to my closing day is not getting keys to my brand new house, but signing the papers so that I never have to go through this process with NACA again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This review outlines my experience exactly. Exactly to the tee.

Thank you for sharing. I'm in tears and defeated over this process. Still no closing date and I've been organized since day 1.

My spirit is broken. Did you make it to closing?

NACA Verified Representative

There are some points in your statement that to not make sense, which perhaps indicates you do not understand how the process works.

Once the bank application has been submitted, your counselor no longer handles the file. Your NACA Underwriter and Closing Coordinator are responsible for seeing the file through to closing at that point.

If you have questions regarding your file at this stage, they are the ones you should be reaching out to instead of your counselor.

Additionally, after the bank app has been submitted, the file is complete by NACA's standards. Any additional requests for information, documents, etc. can ONLY come from the bank.

We have completed the file on our end.

If you did in fact receive a document pertaining to someone else, this needs to be brought to the attention of NACA Member Services immediately so we can investigate what happened. Please call them at 425-602-6222 at your first opportunity.

We look forward to your closing on and receiving the keys to your new home.

Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA

to NACA_Online #1358275

No Tim, I do understand how the process works. I interchanged titles.

Everything I was addressing regarding my closing has dealt with the closing coordinator besides the fact that early on in the process my counselor sent me someone else's paperwork. Why should I even bother to contact Member Services nothing is going to happen to that person? The fact is both my counselor and the closing coordinator have been horrible about responding to emails and calls and neither one of them actually know what they are doing in their position.

In regards to my closing I have proof within my web-file where the bank told the NACA "closing coordinator" that a certain item did not need to be completed in order to close.

NACA took it upon themselves to still have this item done, then a week later contacted me and said never mind now it's not needed.

I am more than capable of understanding this process.

It's the NACA staff that need additional training. My closing has been delayed and it's due to incompetent staff members who still to this day can't tell me what's going on with my file.

to Anonymous #1526749

They’re still trying to blame you but in reality it’s still NACA and their nonsense. They always have what seems like a “valid professional “ excuse but it’s a bunch of CRAP

to NACA_Online #1358276

And if I need to prove to you that I have someone else's information I can easily send you all of their contact information since you probably think I'm "making it up". All confidentiality and privacy were broken. Makes me wonder whether my stuff has ever been sent to someone else.

to Anonymous #1358475
NACA Verified Representative

Nobody has accused you of making it up. If this did in fact happen, we want to investigate so we can make sure it never happens again. Please contact Member Services as I asked previously.

to NACA_Online #1360503

Why are you so rude?? This is a serious issue.

to NACA_Online #1360688

@Pissed off - they are all rude like this so if you are planning on going through this program just be prepared to deal with that.

I intend to let NACA know whose personal information was sent to me, but not until after I close on my home.

NACA never takes responsibility for things they do wrong and I don't trust that my closing won't be affected after I expose their incompetence.

I also intend to contact the person whose information I have to let them know and give them the opportunity to address it if they would like.

I am close to being done with them forever and I don't want anything to jeopardize that.

to NACA_Online #1526746

Blah blah blah still the same old mess -you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Do better


I advise you to leave NACA now!!! Get your mortgage from a normal mortgage broker.

You have more than enough time (45 days) to get your mortgage from another place. Just pick up the phone and call several mortgage brokers and buy your dream home with another company. You will be disappointed when you find out in the future that you do not have the full control of your house.

NACA will place a second lien after the mortgage bank and they get the full control and you cannot do anything with your house without their permission. Please JUST get out of NACA now before it is too late.


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