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Getting a response from my NACA counselor is hit or miss. On one occasion I had to drive to the office to try to speak to him because he wouldn't respond to my e-mails and you can't reach anyone by phone.

When I got there is was a little after 9am and he decided to take someone early, who'd appointment time was 9:30am. When I asked the receptionist to see him she send him an e-mail or some sort of internal correspondence and he basically said that he was in a meeting and asked to schedule a time to meet because he needed to go over some things with me. For the amount of time it took him to e-mail back and forth, he could have just come out, like a professional, and spoke to me about it. I was not happy.

I also had to resend him items that I had already sent to him, which I thought were already in the system. We went over pretty specific figures for the home purchase and he said nothing to the effect that I wouldn't be approved for the max allowed. He didn't caution against it or deter me in any way into thinking that it could be anything but the max purchase amount. I check the NACA site and see that I can search for a house.

I e-mail him to ask if I'm approved, no response. I get a call on a Friday, the meetings we are required to attend are on a Thursday, and I found out online I was approved on a Tuesday. I e-maile him on 6/19/18 and after two more e-mail to him, it's 7/4/18 and still no response. I get to the meeting to talk about how much I'm approved for.

Well, what a shock. It was almost $100,000 less than what my counselor and I were working the numbers out for. I was pissed and shocked and had to get out of there. I gave the lady my packet and told her that no one could buy a house for that amount of money.

The monthly mortgage payment that I had to stay within was less than what I was paying for rent currently, in a tiny one bedroom, sub-par apartment. The "mortgage" lady in the place came outside to find me and said that maybe there was something wrong with the figures and she would take a look.

Well, that was Thursday night and tomorrow will be a week later and still no response. Is this all really worth it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: No closing costs, Lowest mortgage rates.

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