I am totally surprised and disappointed by all the negative comments about NACA. I have been a Realtor for over 14 years and I have worked the NACA program the last 4 years.

I am not a NACA Realtor but I sell many homes through the NACA program in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex. Every client I have sent to NACA closed and closed on time. It's the Realtor's responsibility to assist their client through the process and if I have a buyer that is not willing to take the necessary steps to become a homeowner I simply do not waste my time and cut my losses. The buyer has a responsibility to keep their files current and follow the task list they are given by their loan consultant.

My most recent client went to the workshop on January 22nd, received their NACA ID via email the following week, paid their membership fee and credit report fee, uploaded all their documents, completed the online questionaire and scheduled their appointment for February 4th with the loan consultant and was approved the following week and we went to the approval workshop that Thursday to receive his apporval letter. It doesn't get any better than that. So my recommendation is rather than complaining about the process, do what it takes to get approved and use an experienced Realtor that understands the NACA process and you will close in 30 days from the date your contract is executed. NACA is the only program that has 100% financing, pays your closing costs and does not have mortgage insurance premiums and the lender now pays the $50 NSF fee that by the way benefits the buyer if you have a hardship and no credit score requirements.

So try to go FHA and it's not going to happen!!! Unless you have a 620 credit score, no late payments, no collections and by the way FHA requires collections to be paid now and the MIP is extremely high and it now stays with your mortgage payment for the life of the loan. So while you all are making such negative comments there are just as many buyers that are closing with NACA and moving in to their new home that you could have had if you just followed the guidelines. Nothing doesn't come without work involved.

So I highly recommend you think about what really went wrong with the NACA process and why you didn't stick with it. Could be you or an inexperienced Realtor trying to work the NACA program?

So if you live in the DFW Metroplex and you don't have a Realtor contact me if you are serious about purchasing a home thorugh NACA and I will be happy to meet with you for a oonsultation. Happy Homebuying, Alecia Smith, William Davis Realty 214-274-6056 aleciasmith@northtexashometeam.net

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Speaking from my 10 months with NACA the negative reviews are 1000% true and accurate. They are horrible!!!

Appointments every month or 2 just to be told. Oh, more paperwork is needed, fixed credit now credit score is almost 800, saved a nice savings, don't owe no damn body... bills been paid On time every month for 4 years! You'd think we'd be the perfect naca client but sadly no.

Until you've actually been a Naca client you can't really speak on it.

It's easy to say just do whatever you have to to get the naca mortgage. When you don't have a clue about naca and their ***

to Anonymous #1571216

I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time getting approved with NACA. May I ask what NACA office you are working with?

I have been sending my clients to NACA in Dallas for over 7 years and all of my clients have been approved and have closed on their homes so I am specifically speaking on behalf of the NACA office in Dallas, Texas. While I did not purchase my home through NACA I sell and average of 20+ homes a year through NACA. As a NACA Referral Realtor I am very aware of NACA's guidelines and I work extremely hard with my clients to help them get approved quicker. My most recent clients just closed on a new construction home with NACA yesterday 9/28/2018.

I commend you for working on your credit and having such a very high credit score, however NACA actually doesn't use a credit score.

If I can answer any questions for you please feel free to call me or email me. Best Regards, Alecia Smith William Davis Realty (214) 274-6056 northtexashometeam@gmail.com

to aleciasellshomes #1572213

I'm using the Miami office.. When I say the absolute worst I mean it's just bad.


How do they Calculate how much of a loan you can get


I wait 4 hours just to have them make copies of my papers. Left disappointed. Since then I have a home through the VA.



Hightstown, New Jersey, United States #1194520

I know this post is a lie because nobody closes that fast with Naca.

My office has a requirement that you must volunteer first.

How about that,a realtor that does not know the process.

Since when does a first time homebuyer contact a realtor before getting financing? Most realtors won't even think about talking to a potential buyer without a pre-approval letter!

to Anonymous Augusta, Georgia, United States #1204881

If u are replying to my post. My realtor referred me to Naca.

Because of another issue. I had a naca agent there who was fired. But I have nothing to pay off my credit. So no is not a lie.

Most Realtors have an office set up in a subdivision now they work for the builder. U don't have to look far for one

Augusta, Georgia, United States #1192360

The manager who has my file wont even return the calls from my realtor. Not only me.

I heard its a great program. But this office most definitely doesn't have someone who's all about business. No communication from him at all. I feel if i make them mad it will be just that much slower.

I been working with them since April. Nothing to pay off my credit just waiting for the process


NACA is not worth the air that I take in. NACA is a joke.

Useless!! Crooks!! Ungodly Folks!!! Just want to take people's money just like the thieves at the bank.

They all need to burn in *** just like the banks. God does not like ugly and they will not get away with it.

It will come back on them. Watch what I saying.

to Anonymous #1126180

Good morning I'm sorry you have had a bad experience with NACA and I don't know what city you are in but all of my client's I refer to NACA have all closed and I work with 20-30 buyers a year in Dallas. I would recommend that you get with your Realtor and let them help you through the process.

There is no other mortgage company that can offer what NACA does. If you go FHA you will have mortgage insurance which will make your payments higher and you have to have a 620 or higher credit score and the same guidelines that NACA has which is no late payments for 12 months and no collections.

I wish you the best of luck in what ever loan program you decide to use. Blessings to you.

Miami, Florida, United States #992515

I started this program in November of last year. I kept my records in order, I submitted everything on time, I paid my fees and I answered questions in a timely matter.

All I was missing was my 2014 taxes. The moment that was completed(end of January) I was ready to go and expected to be approved by February 2015. My officer was changed and I was not told about it. After I realized that no one was contacting me I called the office and was told I needed to go in to go over all my documents with a NEW officer.

I told them to schedule me for whatever they had available as soon as possible. I went in met my officer and again submitted papers over and over(SAME EXACT PAPERS and I am not talking about Paystubs). After a month of doing this I was finally approved. Now I am dealing with a realtor that I continuously tell him I would like to see other areas and FOR SOME REASON I keep getting notifications of houses in another area.

When I myself find a property I want to see, it takes forever to get a reply and most of the time, by the time they get to me they reply with pending sale. Now I am wondering if they are trying to sell me a specific area and I am ready to walk out of the program. I have done everything that has been asked of me. I have been cooperative and patient but feel like I am not getting the respect or time deserved.

So it's not ALWAYS the buyer. By the way, my realtor is with NACA and I chose it this way because I wanted someone who knew the program completely as opposed to someone who needed training on.

I can understand if they are busy but they must also understand that if I am putting my part, therefore I deserve the time. I work full time and have kids and still have clearly expressed my availability because we WANT to become homeowners but when all these things are working against me I can't help but think that it's not meant for me to do this with NACA

to Anonymous #992576
Naca Verified Representative

I can assure you that noboby is trying to sell you a specific area. Be persistent with the realtor and ask why you aren't getting the results you are seeking.

You may be getting listings from a specific area because the realtor is more familiar with that area, but you need to maintain the same persistence with the realtor as you did with your counselors.

Continue to seek properties that fit your needs and be insistent with the realtor. If you still don't get the cooperation you feel you should be getting, call the local office and ask to work with a different agent.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA


to NACA_Online Miami, Florida, United States #1136164

Hello Tim,

Quick question: Does NACA provide a listing of "available" realtors that a potential buyer can choose from? Im about to begin the purchase process and would much rather prefer a realtor that is familiar with NACA.


to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #992590

Hello there in Miami, First I want to congratulate you on your NACA approval. You worked really hard to get approved and it certainly was well worth it.

Perhaps you may need to ask for another NACA Realtor or they can also assist you with a referral Realtor that knows the NACA process. Also you may want to download realtor.com and set up a search for yourself. The listings your Realtor sends you from MLS also feed into Realtor.com. The mobile app is awesome.

Just make sure you remove the pendings and only focus on "Actives" No active contingent or active option because they already have offers on them. Good luck on your home search and congrats!

Let us know how you are progressing and when you close. My email address is northtexashometeam@gmail.com

We love to hear positive feedback as well.

Have a great day.

Alecia Smith, Realtor

William Davis Realty



It is NOT the buyer nor the Realtor that is the problem. IT IS NACA!

Plus, people like you who is setup by NACA to make these "positive' statements. You, along with the NACA bunch of misfits need to stop making people's lives unbearable.

to Sugah Southbury, Connecticut, United States #896750

I don't work for NACA nor do I get paid by NACA. These positive statements are real and NACA doesn't need to set me up with clients because I bring my own clients who are serious about owning a home and does what it takes which is why they are homeowners.

So I wish you a Happy home hunting soon. Have a blessed day.

to Sugah Fort Worth, Texas, United States #947956

Sugah I wanted to respond to your negative comments about post. First of all I don't work for NACA nor to they pay me for my comments.

I believe in their product which is why I send my clients to NACA and they approved fast. Every client I have sent to NACA have closed on their home. Last year I sent 17 buyers to NACA who are all homeowners so if you are having a hard time getting approved maybe you should seek out a Realtor that knows how NACA works or your negative attitude could be the problem that is defeating you.

Who wants to work with you with a negative complaining attitude? If you are in Dallas I would love to help you get through NACA without the bad attitude.

to Sugah #1383059

Thank you! Because they sure lied.


Alecia Smith, I look forward to sitting and brainstorming with you. I have to ask if you've posted on other sites as well because the write up, location and name has appeared on a Trulia board. As for the NACA writer - have you solicited those individuals that actually close or have great experiences to write here?

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