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Located in Richmond office,Simply the most unprofessional counselor or employee I have work with. She never reponeds to emails or voicemails on time, she does not look at the files property, asks to upload the same file over and over, she is very inconsistent on the information she provides.

She mixes clinets files, I have found some one else's file with mine a few times and she has lost mine a few times; God knows where my files might have end up. She told me the first day i saw her two years ago that my file was ready, and till today she has not summited my files. She is very strigent and anyone who talks to her can tell she does not care about the job she does.They office is very unprofessional in General. When client call they put them on speaker phone to discuss private files, The man counselor was talking to the lady on speaker phone about child support, debt she owes etc when i was there the last time and every one waiting can hear the conversation.

I Hope some one from the administration or the ceo visits the office. It really needs some adjustment.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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NACA had me arrested because I am exposing their blatant regard to State and Federal Laws. Search NACA on facebook and you will see my videos. Feel free to reach out to me if you need the proper authorities to report them to.


I agree

NACA Verified Representative

Sadly, this complaint is clearly fabricated as it makes claims that are literally impossible. Most telling is the claim "She mixes clinets (sic) files, I have found some one else's file with mine a few times and she has lost mine a few times".

The fact that all NACA files are electronic and no physical file exists, making claims that files have been mixed or lost an absolute impossibility. NACA's completely paperless, electronic file system guarantees that files cannot be lost while making the process more secure and even eco-friendly by doing away with physical documents that can be lost,stolen or copied.

This lack of information on the part of this poster strongly suggests that this person is not even a real NACA member, but more likely a for-profit mortgage broker who feels the need to engage in false claims to try and drive business away from what he feels is a strong competitor to his business. Any NACA member with a genuine question, complaint of concern they wish to have addressed has multiple legitimate resources for help available within NACA through multiple channels and we invite them to pursue those channels to give us the opportunity to resolve their concerns.

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