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I had this page bookmarked in the event that we didn't close on our home. However, we closed after A LOT of bickering with the Mortgage Consultant, handholding, and negotiating with the closing department over minor "issues" that would have been overlooked by a traditional lender.

Our situation is a little different because 1) we didn't HAVE to use the program, we just saw it as a way to save money, 2) we were already pre-qualified with a traditional lender, 3) we had savings and did not experience any payment shock, and 4) I am a Realtor.

This program is very very difficult to navigate and I can see why many people quit the program and why many Realtors do not refer this program to their clients. Be prepared to send the same items over and over again and also be prepared to have those documents available at a moments notice. Be organized.

Most importantly, be prepared to stand up for yourself and to be your own advocate. If the MC says something like "this may not work" have him submit whatever the document is anyway.

Please watch my NACA Review that I posted on my YouTube page. I made one when we started the "NACA Journey" and then two months later when we closed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Mortgage.

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Thanks for your review. It was great


Great Information. Thank you.


I am truly grateful for your advice as i am also in the same boat, of having the credit score but can't decide on whom to use and don't won't a lengthy process, i have cleaned up my credit have ample amount for down payment and trying to get the best rate and i too have the credit score, what you said and displayed in the video, stating that if you have the score, money and cleaned up the credit to just choose other wise, was very beneficial to me in a much need crunch time for advice, because of your video i just made my decision to stick with my broker, thanks for your information, wish you were in my area GA, congratulations on the wedding be blessed.

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Thanks for the information. I May Attend one of his workshop this coming Sunday.

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