348 E Adams St, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Not resolved

I have been working though this program for 15 months. My first counselor never answered emails, took almost 4 weeks to get a response and apparently I wasn’t emailing her properly.

She was very rude and unprofessional. The second counselor isn’t any better yet not as rude. She definitely lacks communication skills, and isn’t honest. On 3/29 my “file was being submitted to the underwriter” my paperwork wasn’t submitted until 6/5.

The underwriter now needs more documentation. Sent 3 emails to the counselor and NO RESPONSE. Sick of it. This program is a disappointment, beyond frustrating, has been consuming and stressful.

Quick to take my membership fees not so quick to communication or help in completing the program. Worst experience EVER!!

Would NEVER recommend to anyone. This program is complete BS!

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Sounds about right. That's the Naca I know..


Please file your complaint with the proper regulating agencies to stop NACA from their economic injustice. They are a Charity registered under IRC 501(c)4.

You must file your complaint with the IRS using form f13909. Please check other for violation type, write in "acts contradictory to public policy" and write in your complaint. Instructions to mail or email form are on the form. You must also contact your local State Attorney General office and file a complaint with the Charities Bureau.

These are the only 2 agencies that govern this non-profit organization.

Your voice will be heard if you contact the proper regulating agencies. The IRS has the authority to revoke their tax-exempt status for wrong doing and for violating Federal Law.

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