Went to a NACA 'save the dream' event that was more like a disorganized nightmare! We were told in a workshop that we would be seen by a live human loan counslor in person.

Not the case. We were put into a phone bank with about 20 other people in extremely close proximity to us and told to share and verify soical security numbers and other vital private information. Seems like a case of bait and switch. I feel somewhat violated by the process.

And the staff volunteers were very short and curt. The flyer said we ould be there from one pm to four pm and we were still there shortly after five pm

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Misery loves company , truthfully what happened not a half story but the truth . Why are you on a personal quest to destroy a company that has helped thousands purchase or keep their home . I bet you will not disclose the truth.

For those that you who need assistance please send an email to lmassey@naca .com . I will assist you and resolve your issues.

Online Operations NACA

Latay Massey


I see and hear from a great many people that have been victimized by NACA. It is unfortunate that NACA has in fact lied about their services, policies, regulations and representations. Since I started on my quest to expose Bruce Marks and his lies to the American People, I have seen an increase in complaints leveled at the Organization as a whole. You are not alone.

Please write to NACA@Politution.com . Tell us your story so we can include it in a Complaint to Congress and the Media.

Remember, the Tens of thousands have come to distrust NACA Too!


Due to the demand of those that are seeking to purchase or modify their home loans the organization of the event was changed to phone counseling . The Counselors as well as the Remote Mortgage Consultants are able and capable of submitting your file the same way . The set up allows NACA to be able to handle high volume of counseling sessions . The flyer DOES NOT indicate that you would finish the process in 4 hours . It states that the workshop will be a four hour process . You where not told to share your information however the Mortgage Consultant would have asked for you to verify your social to confirm that they had the correct person over the phone.

Did you continue to go through the process or did you opt not to receive the services. I apologize that you feel violated . If you would like to discuss your file please send your information to lmassey@naca.com

Latay Massey

Online Operations

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