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Update by user May 18, 2018

I also want to add that in December 2017 NACA Customer Service called me telling me that they had reviewed my file and wanted to see if they were ready to set me up with a counselor to get me to underwriting in a few weeks. I laughed told them they had to be joking that I got my dream house and to lose my number.

Original review posted by user May 18, 2018

This is a real NACA review and experience. Do business with this company at your own risk!!! I was lucky enough to catch on to their game and only wasted 1 year and a few months with them but in home buying time 1 year could make you lose plenty of great homes and cause inflation of rates.

I started with NACA in October 2015 in Baltimore, MD through suggestion by my realtor at the time. I went to the workshop got great info (Which was the best part of the entire process) I was ready to start 2 days after going to the workshop. Went online created my account and paid for the credit check fee. My background: My kids and I moved out our apartment and in with my mom; I was at her house for 1 year before I started with NACA. I was paying rent but had saved alot of money than living in an apartment in case I needed a large down payment. So the plan was working nicely! I have a nice salary from a State Govt job, had 1 credit card with a low limit (on purpose) and a school loan that was in IBR with a $0 monthly payment, so basically no upfront debt. My credit score was sitting pretty in the 700's and I had additional income from a business that I had started 5 years prior that was steadily growing. No Judgements, No missed or late payments, have 2 cars 1 paid off for and the other a low monthly payment that was paid in advance 3 Months ahead. Of course my NACA Counselor said my file would be a breeze and they could get my stuff approved in a couple of months. YEAH RIGHT! Just the opposite.

So My first counseling session took 50 min. I had uploaded everything except 1 document wasn't found so I had to reschedule for 1 month later because they're so busy and if everything was received I would be given an amount for the loan and then sent to underwriting. 1 month later I was ready everything was uploaded, Current paystubs, Letter from mom, bank statements etc. My appointment still not smooth yet another document somehow did not make it in So i told the lady the document was in my computer which was up and running and I could send it to her right away. Nope! She needed time to look over things and we would reschedule for another month away.

We went through this for 9 MONTHS I finally got an amount for the loan on month 3. Every month something was missing had to be resent etc etc. All the while my savings was growing and my credit score kept going up and no new accts. ( A plus of course) By Month 9 my counselor said she would send my file to the underwriter, I had everything and was ready to go. YESSS! BUT WAIT I got a call from a Man 2 weeks later telling me he was my new counselor and my old counselor moved on to something else in the company and was no longer in my department. WHAT!!!! No problem I was good and my file was supposed to be sent to the underwriter 2 weeks ago right. WRONG. He needed to schedule a date for the next month with me to make sure my file had everything. HUH? So why not just talk about it now? and why wasn't my file sent off already? Stupid me said ok let's just get it over with and scheduled the date.

The next month #10 back to the run around of documents not being found had to resend etc. Schedule again for the next month. At this point I am boiling Maddd! I called my realtor for assistance since she had done this wih other clients and even she couldn't get through the red tape. Month #11 I'm ready for underwriting again and my file will be sent, but hold on didn't hear anything for a month from anyone. So Month #12 I called left messages for my conselor, spoke to customer service 3 times who each told me I would get a response in 24-48 hrs. Call #4 I wanted a manager, spoke to a manager who said my counselor was really busy but he would make sure underwriting got it processed.

Month #13 Now November 2016 I called again didn't get any calls back from anyone. Month #14 Called Customer service for and told them I wanted a call from the supervisor, my counselor or underwriting in 2 weeks or I was done, My situation had changed, I got a promotion with another agency but was still living with my mom. Customer service called me back 1 week later and told me they needed to schedule me for another counsling session to go over my new income and I needed to pay another credit check fee and membership fee due to the ! year being up. Month #15 Jan 2017 I called customer service and told them I was no longer interested and to shred any files of my personal info that they had. I was fed up and full off their crap they were feeding me and too through!

Jan 2017 got a new realtor and an FHA Loan Lower interest yes PMI but worth it. I was now buying my home in Trump Era and home rates were unstable, the market had turned into a sellers market, homes were high priced and constant competition and loss deals to other home buyers who were quickly trying to buy the same low priced homes to keep mortgage low. In August 2018 I closed on the perfect home for my children and myself. Maybe all that waiting was God's plan of preparing me for my blessing but I tell you NACA was definitely a waste of time and energy. As far as I'm concerned they didn't really prepare me for anything because I was in a good position prior to me being involved with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you would like to ensure they stop with their shenanigans and stop them from further serving economic injustice to other consumers and like your voice heard, please download and fill out a f13909 (tax-exempt organization complaint) and forward it to the IRS. They receive their tax-exempt status from the IRS and they're governed by Federal Law.

Choose "other" for the type of violation and record it as acts contradictory to public policy. If the IRS learns enough of their antics and violations of their tax-exempt status, the IRS can revoke their status and shut them down.

Once you complete the form, you can email it to eoclass@irs.gov or you can mail it. Please stand up to this company!


You speak the truth! Julie B.


Wow, thanks for sharing but at the same time, CONGRATULATIONS!

to Anonymous #1496673

Thank You! I tried to be as descriptive as possible so you all really get to understand the experience

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