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I understand your yall pain. When I first started this process Oct 2016 I was told I could get into my house by the end of Feb 2017 when my lease was up.

Dec 2016 came and that when we first tried to get approve. It didn't go thru. My NACA person said you should be good to get a 6 months lease. I got a six month lease that is up Aug 2017 and I'm still no closer than I was in Dec 2016.

I am not saying quit the process but please on everything I love don't go by their will *** you up in the end. I staying with a roommate when I 1st started with over 5K saved. I told my NACA person I can barely take care of everything on my on and that I didn't want to use the money I had saved. She told me that I would be good with a 6 months lease.

I bit the bullet and moved me and my child out and have been taken care of things on my own. Now that my lease is up and my savings is down I have ot move in with my mother to save back again. This is something that I never wanted to go AGAIN...I put my faith and trust in NACA that they would lend me in the right way and that so not the case.

And nothing I did held me up. I have done EVERYTHING they have asked of me...even doing their work and it still a slow process..

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Naca Verified Representative

We're sorry you are in such an awkward situation. While your NACA counselor can typically give a member a good estimate of how long the process will take for them, it is only an estimate.

Things may happen along the way that can change the timeline for any individual, which is why we do not give a specific timeline for the NACA process. Everyone's process will take a different amount of time based on their own circumstances.

This is one of the reasons we continually remind our members that they are the biggest factor in determining how long the process will take.

Patience and persistence are always the strongest tools you have in completing the NACA process. Stick with it and you will complete the process and become a homeowner with terms that absolutely cannot be matched anywhere else.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA

to NACA_Online #1352835

DO NOT listen to this Timy guy! Listen what he said in his response

" patience and persistence are always the strongest tools...."

He is absolutely correct in that.

You are going to loose your time, energy, and money if you stay with NACA.

God help you if you stay with NACA. My advise is go and find a good mortgage broker to help you NOT the scam NACA.


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