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Mrs.Betty at NCAA office in Memphis picks allot on her customers and she messes with so many reports for the customers and their paperwork and she does not like me and the manager allows her to do this and their needs to be a change. thank you and if there is any problems about this you can contact you about this because if i was the manager i would have made her apologize to the person i hatted by messing with there information in the system for there house to be sold or refinanced and shes every unperfessional about her work thank you.

Monetary Loss: $9300.

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I see and hear from a great many people that have been victimized by NACA. It is unfortunate that NACA has in fact lied about their services, policies, regulations and representations. Since I started on my quest to expose Bruce Marks and his lies to the American People, I have seen an increase in complaints leveled at the Organization as a whole. You are not alone.

Please write to . Tell us your story so we can include it in a Complaint to Congress and the Media.

Remember, the Tens of thousands have come to distrust NACA Too!


Ms. Williams with all due respect what is your speaking of? Are you indicating that you are a member or an employee? Who is Ms. Betty? We do not have a counselor by that name in the Tennessee office. What happened with your file please send an email to I would like to review your information as soon as possible.

Latay Massey

Online Operations

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