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To whom it may concern, We have had a very bad experience getting paid after making an official draw request. The person/s in charge of handling the disbursement of funds has systematically delayed the release of the draw amount for work that was completed on July 19, 2017.

They tend to create reasons on a daily basis as to why they have not paid on this draw, including the bank needs paperwork (which was already completed) , the W-9 wasn't filled out correctly 3 times (which it was), the file is on the desk of Roxanne to sign off on (which never happened) and the latest as of Friday 7/28/17 was that the funds were sent via UPS overnight per a NACA rep. and that she will provide a tracking number. To-date 8/1/17 no tracking number and worse, no draw funds. These individuals kept sending paperwork to our office stating that it needed to be filled out in order to process the draw request, however, these exact same paperwork was completely and correctly filled out several weeks prior and an acknowledgement of receipt was given by NACA.

Several letters have been sent by our office to request that the draw be sent to us overnight and all we have gotten is more delays.... The owner of the property (Dianne Ruffo) has on a number of occasions made them aware to send the funds immediately to the address listed on the W-9 (which is our office address) and it has been ignored repeatedly. A special request was made to send the payment overnight on an urgent basis so that we can to move forward with her renovation but. to no avail, nothing has been sent, no tracking number has been provided and no funds have been received from NACA on this project.

We are in need of those funds to pay the sub-contractors and to complete this project before we take on anymore projects associated with NACA. Your intervention into this matter will be greatly appreciated before we have to take further steps to get this matter resolved. Thank you l Reset America LLC 8491 Hospital Dr.

Suite 448 Douglasville Ga. 30134

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That is the problems if you work with the HAND Department of NACA. They waste the time and money for all contractors.

HAND Department is so messy worse that NACA mortgage consultants and department. Contractors do not like to work with NACA and its HAND department because of not paying on time and giving them headache.

Roxanna Duarte-Varela is working under the direction of the HAND Department Director, Tammy Johnson. This director does not know what she is doing!

I am not sure if you could resolve your problems soon or not.

But here I could suggest you to contact the following people

1) Tammy Johnson

2) Kevin Winn He may be able to resolve your problem

3) Bruce Marks He is NACA CEO and does not care about the complaints!

If you could not resolve your problem with Kevin, please let me know to let you know the last step. Best, Billy

Naca Verified Representative

We are sorry you are experiencing a delay. I advised you earlier earlier today via email on who to contact to resolve this situation. Please check your email if you have not yet seen the message.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA

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