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2 years ago we were able to purchase our home and had it not been for NACA, we have still been paying rent.

In 2011, we lost our jobs, cars, 401k, and then the house. We went from 6 figure income to no income and by 2012 we were bankrupt and homeless.

In 2013 I finally got a call for a job out of state, that's right...2 years of job searching.

I borrowed some cash, rented a room, put my wife & kid in a basement of a friend in one state and started working in my new one.

I ate once a day to save money, got an apartment, and 6 months later I picked up my family.

In July of 2016, we moved into our new home, thanks to NACA!

We had, and STILL have a foreclosure and bankruptcy on our credit report, I had bankers laugh at me when I asked about a loan. One told me to see him in 10 years.

Yes, I had to keep records and documents...is that too hard for you? If so, then don't buy a house.

You may have a rude person or inexperienced person working with you and if you do, escalate it. My first counselor went MIA but I sure as *** didn't let that deter me from my goal. I called and started the process from the beginning. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You will go through some things that will be annoying but that is everywhere with everything in life.

How's your health insurance when they bill you wrong?

How's that cell phone bill?

How about that especially loving one...cable TV, I bet are problem-less?!?!

I looked at it this way, someone (NACA) said "I have this money over here for you to borrow for a house and no matter how bad your credit is, I'm going to lend it to you, BUT, you have to do what I need you to do to get it and you may have some surprises along the way. Come get this money!"

Everyone that is complaining about one thing or another about this program, mind you, that is the ONLY program willing to help you regardless of NO credit and they have better terms than any bank... you need to stop and think.

I was out of food and money with no roof over my head with my wife and son and dog. I had to get food in ways that I am not proud of, I had to take napkins from Starbucks for toilet paper. I told my wife to leave me so she could get help quicker as a single mom. She refused.

All of you who are whining about this or that:

Why are you applying for a loan through NACA?

No credit

No down payment

Buy down the points option for a lower rate

No closing fees


Lower interest rates than the bank, for people with excellent credit

That's why!

Put your big boy/girl pants on and make it happen!

From homeless to homeowner, Thank you NACA!

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Mortgage.

Reason of review: They can do what others can't..

NACA Pros: Interest buy-down program, Mortgage rate, Idea of the program.

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