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I want to try and be as fair as possible. I think that NACA could be a very good program, but as is there are just far too many hoops.

My girlfriend and I attended our first NACA workshop in August and thought that we would fly through the process - we both have great credit, we had more than the required necessary funds, we pay our bills on time always, we've both been employed for 2+ years, we had 2 years+ of rental history. But NACA made the process as difficult as possible for us it felt like we were bending over backwards and they were moving at a snail pace.

We were alway on it with our file, every time a counselor asked for something we would immediately track it down, scan it in, and upload it. But we soon came to find out that the counselors could only really work on our file if we were present. Even when we would schedule a "phone appointment" which was basically supposed to be our counselor working on our file we would be emailed saying that there were delays and the counselor had to reschedule. I understand that the counselors are underpaid and overworked but NACA really needs to implement a better file digital file management system. One time I attempted to share a large number of documents with our counselor via Google Drive and was instructed that NACA doesn't allow counselors to access any external websites. Often I would email files to our counselor as well as digitally upload them only to be told later that the counselor couldn't find them.

We waded through this process and were told in January we would be able to begin the home buying processes shortly, they were submitting to underwriter. That's when our mortgage counselor quit. We then had to wait 2 weeks to be assigned to a new counselor, then we had to resubmit all the documents he couldnt locate. Somewhere along the way our original counselor gave us an inaccurate quote of how much house we would be able to afford based on their calculations, due to the quickly rising mortgage rates we decided we were done. We applied for an FHA loan and were approved the same day.

If you want to work with NACA be prepared to be stressed out, be prepared to never be able to reach your counselor, and be prepared to have to submit the same paperwork over and over again. The only plus side is that when it came to submit documents for FHA I had everything already organized and scanned in digitally.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $480.

NACA Pros: Staff were nice.

NACA Cons: Literally the entire process.

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If you would like to ensure they stop with their shenanigans and stop them from further serving economic injustice to other consumers and like your voice heard, please download and fill out a f13909 (tax-exempt organization complaint) and forward it to the IRS. They receive their tax-exempt status from the IRS and they're governed by Federal Law.

Choose "other" for the type of violation and record it as acts contradictory to public policy. If the IRS learns enough of their antics and violations of their tax-exempt status, the IRS can revoke their status and shut them down.

Once you complete the form, you can email it to eoclass@irs.gov or you can mail it. Please stand up to this company!


Your experience sounds exactly like mines. I lost $2000 in earnest money because my counselor sent me to her cousin who was a real estate broker and had absolutely no experience in the process at all.

I was able to get a FHA loan with better terms than NACA. Naca wanted me to pay almost $20,000 in buydown to get to the monthly payment they originally approved me for. Underwriting made a mistake as well as my counselor who quit in the middle of my process. They were unwilling to help in clearing up this mistake.

No ome offered to helpe get my money back. Its sad. Im confused on the no closing cost or down payment. You are going to come out of pocket, they just word it as something else.

Please people sray away from this company. When you do the math, there is no true benefit of foing with them vs the traditional fha or conventional route.

NACA Verified Representative

The NACA purchase program is not simply a mortgage application process, but rather a quite detailed financial counseling process that includes a detailed financial analysis and specific requirements to become NACA Qualified. The NACA program is not meant to be fast or easy, but it is the detail and effort that goes into the preparation of each file that in fact makes the program work.Counselors’ time is definitely at a premium due to the huge demand for NACA’s services.

However, we are making several upgrades to our NACA Lynx system that will cut down on the amount of time counselors will have to invest managing documents in the file, which will reduce both the time it takes to prepare the file to be sent to underwriting and the need for repeat submissions.NACA computers are indeed restricted from accessing any external media sites such as Google Drive or Dropbox, as well as any source of external physical media such as CD’s or flash drives. This very simply insures that our system is not only protected from external spyware, viruses and other forms of malware, but also to prevent any of our members’ information from being downloaded to any external media and possibly used for illegal purposes.We’re sorry you were so frustrated by the process.

The FHA loan you obtained will unfortunately cost you tens of thousands of dollars more with a higher interest rate, closing costs and especially the PMI that simply takes money out of your pocket without any benefit to the buyer. Still, we are happy you were able to become a homeowner and we wish you the best going forward.Tim TrumbleOnline Operations, NACAttrumble@naca.com

to NACA_Online #1469593

The FHA loan I obtained's interest rate was actually .375% lower than the default NACA rate today, If I had gotten an FHA loan when we first started the process in September I likely would have locked in at an even better rate which would have saved us almost $10,000 in interest over the course of the loan. You are correct I will be paying PMI, but I will not be burdened by a lien against the home which your program requires.

We were also able to negotiate a deal where the seller is providing 5% of the cost of the home for closing costs. There are options out there for people looking to get into a home with less financial burden without putting themselves through the torturous NACA process. Join a good local credit union and find a good real estate agent who will fight for you! The NACA process is a waste of your time.It's fantastic that you guys are improving your NACA Lynx service, I hope it works out.

I think NACA could be a fantastic service but much needs to be improved.

But in my experience and in what appears to be the vast majority of the comments I've found online the company has a long way to go in terms of customer service and organization. Again, I hope NACA continues to improve operation, a program like this is greatly needed.

to Kevin #1677338

Great comment. What I've divide discovered since I was referred to NACA as well is that YOU DON'T NEED THEM.

You need to be an adult and take responsibility for your life and your finances. Trying to buy a home with no money down AND bad credit is just immature. Fix your issues first. Get your credit right.

Know your numbers. Practice saving BEFORE you go to any lender including NACA. NACA treats its applicants like children because that's how most adults act when it comes to money and being accountable. Keep your credit good.

Keep your debt to income aka debt in income ratio better. AVOID CREDIT CARDS. Avoid all debt.

NACA exists because people want to take shortcuts. The founder knew this and he's capitalizing off of your ignorance and desperation.


I totally understand what this home buyer experienced since I'm in the middle of it. I understood there will be a lot of required documents and the process could be lengthy, but I was not prepared to be this much stressed because its supper slow and very discouraging.

What he said is so true about bending backward and still not getting the result you hope for after sending and re-sending all kind of paperwork. Over worked and underpaid counselors can’t deliver result that home buyers hoping for; I haven’t heard from my mortgage counselor (who is very pleasant every time I met with her) over 10 days since she last asked me to send additional document requested by the under writers.

Not even a reply to say she has received my documents. I sent out 2 additional emails since then and still nothing.I’m disappointed and discourage and realizing I should explore other options as well.


I agree this is a fair and honest opinion. NACA is very unorganized and it's difficult to make it through the program no matter how prepared you are.

You would need to get a very good MC to get through this program quickly, if not, you're screwed. NACA is notorious for saying, "you won't find anyone to beat our terms" which is TRUE but why in the WORLD do you think just because you offer the best mortgage terms in America right now that people want to be in your program for months sometimes YEARS to get the loan.

Yea, they have to pay PMI, closing cost and down payments with FHA but guess what, they are HOMEOWNERS.I'll always say this, if you have time to wait, go through the NACA program. If you need to move quickly, don't bother.

to I will not defend NACA #1677348

Great comment

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