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“There are just as many buyers that are closing with NACA and moving into their new home that you could have had if you’d just followed the guidelines.” - Realtor comment

It would be very helpful to read reviews from these happy NACA consumers. I haven’t found any positive comments from NACA homeowners.

They complain about the lien on the property making it impossible to resell the home even if they have a job in another state or need to move to a 1 story ranch due to wheel chair restrictions, etc.

I was considering the process. But the only glowing comments are from NACA reps & Realtors. I’m really not convinced the time investment is worth the interest savings.

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That's true. That TIM guy is everywhere leaving comments or better yet, rebuttals. Lol


NACA's response below gives me all I need to know. I can tell customer service isn't up to par and now I will no longer be signing up with them. I hope other people see the warning signs too.

NACA Verified Representative

I’m afraid if you “haven’t found any positive comments from NACA homeowners” it’s simply because you are looking in the wrong places.For starters, we’ve collected hundreds of positive testimonials at People from all across the country who have gone on camera and told of their successful outcomes. Our YouTube and other social media pages are filled with success stories as well.It is the individual member far more than anything else that determines their success in the NACA program, and those who experience a genuine problem with the program or even an individual staff member have multiple resources available to get help.As we prove with dozens of closings each day, the NACA program does indeed work.Tim TrumbleOnline Operations,

to NACA_Online #1468887

Wouldnt the right place to look for customer reviews be directly on naca website?Great that there are other places as well.

to Unknown #1704656

If you would like to ensure they stop with their shenanigans and stop them from further serving economic injustice to other consumers and like your voice heard, please download and fill out a f13909 (tax-exempt organization complaint) and forward it to the IRS. They receive their tax-exempt status from the IRS and they're governed by Federal Law.

Choose "other" for the type of violation and record it as acts contradictory to public policy. If the IRS learns enough of their antics and violations of their tax-exempt status, the IRS can revoke their status and shut them down.

Once you complete the form, you can email it to or you can mail it. Please stand up to this company!

to NACA_Online #1677354

Nice try Tim. But the fact that you have to go through NACA website to create testimonials tells me something.

You don't value public opinion. These threads were created to show unbiased thoughts and true experiences from ACTUAL folks who've dealt with NACA.

I respect their ratings and I don't believe they are lying. We understand that you have a job to do and I'm certain you are compensated well.

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