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Been in program since Nov 2018 and have submitted all paperwork and have shock payment because of my loan processer wearing too many hats and not communicatin I’m stuck at preproval status because he doesn’t understand I’m a agent working for a company for health care. At the beginning they told me I was a easy case and I had my paperwork together.

Since then they have charge me 2 membership fees and 2 credit report charges and still haven’t process anything . Mr.

Cedric smith( Richmond Va) does not respond to emails or calls but always take your money at your appts which by the way they keep scheduling folks and taking their money . BEWARE attend at your own risks

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Loan.

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Please file your complaint with the proper regulating agencies to stop NACA from their economic injustice. They are a Charity registered under IRC 501(c)4.

You must file your complaint with the IRS using form f13909. Please check other for violation type, write in "acts contradictory to public policy" and write in your complaint. Instructions to mail or email form are on the form. You must also contact your local State Attorney General office and file a complaint with the Charities Bureau.

These are the only 2 agencies that govern this non-profit organization.

Your voice will be heard if you contact the proper regulating agencies. The IRS has the authority to revoke their tax-exempt status for wrong doing and for violating Federal Law.


NACA had me arrested because I am exposing their blatant regard to State and Federal Laws. Search NACA on facebook and you will see my videos. Feel free to reach out to me if you need the proper authorities to report them to.

NACA Verified Representative

Membership dues for the NACA program are paid upon joining the program and are due on January 1st each year until you close on your new home. This is explained as part of the original workshop taken at the beginning of the NACA process.

Additionally, you credit report is pulled at your first counseling appointment, and must be pulled again every three months since the report is only valid for 90 days. The fee NACA charges is only to reimburse us our cost for pulling the report, $13.08 for an individual and $13.41 for a married couple.

Any time you are having trouble reaching your counselor, please call NACA member Services at 425-622-6222. they will reach out to the counselor on your behalf, will notify the office manager and regional director if needed and can also take a formal complaint if you feel it is necessary.


I have been in that same situation like you have with NACA. To be honest your best bet is to go through a local credit union they have a lot of opportunities for you if you are first time home buyer.

I have noticed with this company its a company wide issue that they will not acknowledge or try to resolve. Contact your local government official about this issue. Especially if you are paying for a service that is not being rendered.

All the stuff you are asking for them to do any financial company can get it done for quickly as possible and get you a home. I hope this helps you I know that the service that are telling is great but everything has price and nothing is free ....

to Anonymous #1684942

I agree you are in the process of saving and budgeting money now, so take advantage of first time home buyer programs. What NACA doesnt tell you that during this long time you are wasting with them stringingyou along, you are also paying rent.

T hat money can be going towards paying a mortgage. STay away from NACA.

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