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I have something to say. My name is Robert McCollum.

I am the seller of a house to a NACA participant. Ms Jajuanna Satcher made an offer on my house March 13 2018. We entered into a contract March 14 2018. We set to close on April 20, 2018.

The home inspection was complied with on March 21st, the work to include a structural engineer inspection of the slab was done by April 3rd. By April 13th still no appraisal had been done. Mr Adams in the Jackson Ms NACA office said it was a paperwork problem and asked for a 2 week extension past the agreed on April 20th close date to May 3rd 2018. Now that date came and he asked for another extension.

This time Mrs Satchers earnest money was made non-refundable. The new close date was set for March 21st. I was Pissed. I called Mr Sessel Bent-Lavant @ the Augusta Ga office as he is the regional manager.

He looked at the file and noticed a flag from April 12th where Bank of America had no contact info to schedule the appraisal. Now as of May 16th the appraisal and the final survey were done and I’m being told that they need another extension to May 29th at best or June 4th at worst. Now I’m in the military and have a VA loan on my home and am getting a new VA loan for the home I want to buy. I have to close one before opening another.

Do you think I want to be contractually lied to again by NACA? It seems like now they are dates to extend to. I really just want to scrap it all on principle. Who treats people like this.

Mrs Satcher lost the lease on her apartment because she was told by NACA we would close on April 20. She had to move in with her two girls to her moms house. How do I know? Her mom lives right around the corner from me.

That’s why the house was so perfect. And I am only asking 80 dollars a square foot and paying 4K in closing cost and NACA still can’t close. Wow. How many realtors in the state of Mississippi are really going to want to accept offers from NACA participants after this story?

Money maybe guaranteed but it will never close.

Ha! Now onto Facebook and any other social media I can post this story to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Home Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To the people who allegedly had success with NACA---You were just lucky. People aren't pissed for nothing.

I've read similar stories, except the seller wasn't so nice and continued givining extensions. The home buyer just lost their money. This is what these NACA praisers don't understand, just because your experience was good, ok or great doesn't mean others experienced the same. I know from experience from start to finish its nothing but waiting waiting and even more waiting.

Some folks don't want to lose their money and would rather pay the PMI. That's how done they are with NACA. BOA is having a program that sounds like NACA but BETTER. It's called the AFFORDABLE LOAN SOLUTION (I think) 3% down, $434k cap, most importantly NO PMI!!!!!

. You have to do the 8 hour home buyers course to qualify and you need a 620 credit score. The sad thing is NACA minions are so delusional they keep disliking detailed complaints because they know it's 100000000% TRUE! There's no reason it should take 1, 2, 3 years to get approved for a home loan.

I understand NACA isn't a fast program, nobody expected it to be. I honestly thought it would take 6-8 months. But sadly, I'm still waiting a year in. I'm on top of my file like white on rice, I upload and bring in paperwork that's requested even when they take weeks to request it.

I make sure I set future appointments in advance just to get it canceled and nobody calls or emails to let you know. NACA has no respect for future homebuyers or homeowners. No respect for our time. They keep saying stick to it.

For how long? 2, 3, 5 years? I just want to know at what point should a potential homebuyer say, enough is enough ---I'm going somewhere else? The same people disliking the negative reviews will be on here in a few months wishing they'd listen to the reviews.

Hundreds of complaints about the same thing.

My experience is word for word of the negative reviews. NACA could've been great, but it's caca


This is exactly why I was done months in. I've read similar reviews.

I told my husband, I think the WHOLE process is going to be LONG, SLOW and TEDIOUS. We're on step 4 --- it took us a year to get there‼. The reviews I've read from the buyers side, real estate side and the sellers side sounds HORRIFFIC. I've read of people loosing their money.

Which is my biggest fear. I think it's a scam.


Wow. I'm sending my husband this right now!!!!!!!

We need to get the *** out while we still have our money. That is INSANE!

And downright SCARY! If our savings was lost we'd have to start over.

to Lordtakethewheel #1704617

If you would like to ensure they stop with their shenanigans and stop them from further serving economic injustice to other consumers and like your voice heard, please download and fill out a f13909 (tax-exempt organization complaint) and forward it to the IRS. They receive their tax-exempt status from the IRS and they're governed by Federal Law.

Choose "other" for the type of violation and record it as acts contradictory to public policy. If the IRS learns enough of their antics and violations of their tax-exempt status, the IRS can revoke their status and shut them down.

Once you complete the form, you can email it to eoclass@irs.gov or you can mail it. Please stand up to this company!


This is exactly what I’m dealing with this is July 24, 2018 and the buyer is struggling to close. Seller has stated no more extensions therefore the buyer will lose house waiting on NACA and their lengthy process of continuous b.s.


I close with Naca 1year ago and it was long process. But what I can say..Mr.

Bent came in and save the day! I was consistent on getting the job done..No matter how long it took.. I made sure I was going close on my beautiful house.It was so hard and very stressful.. My house stay under contract pass 45 days...

But, With my interest rate .. I would do it over and over again...At the end it was all worth it!!!! I’ll recommend NACA! Because of Naca I’m first time homeowner:) The key on becoming homeowner is ...

Patience, consistency, and prayers!!!Nothing comes easy.... Everything I have I had work hard for it..

Sooooo many sleepless nights trying close on my house..God is good! Always remember after storm ; rainbow is near:)#teamnaca!

to Rubiesr4eva #1620724

Who said they wanted things easy? You didn't have any choice but to stay with NACA.

Others have options. You probably had 2 years to waste due to bad credit or lack of funds. What about the people that are more than qualified but all they keep getting from naca IS USELESS endless "ACTION PLANS"? every month.

New action plan asking for paperwork that were NEVER requested. This is not good business. I really wish they'd stop calling us to come back.

Our last appointment was in september.. never looked back.

to Sucker free18 #1640016

I used to work for NACA as a mortgage consultant and I agree...they are horrible. I left due to an overload of case files, lack of consistency and education with underwriting, which holds the files up, lack of decent pay and no work/life balance.

As for those who say they stuck in there.....well yes, you stuck in there and eventually closed, but the home buying process is stressful enough, so why do you consider that a positive aspect. The only good thing is that you closed, everything else was a waste of time, because people can close quicker, somewhere else.

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