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Yes, I just lost my house and all of the money I have paid out due to them not closing out my contract on time. I am now homeless with 2 kids.

They have stopped responding to my calls. How do I receive information about a lawsuit?

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NACA is just horrible and needs to look in the mirror and make changes !!!! To be honest NACA qualifies people on loans the same way a lot of conventional lenders do as well and lot stricter. Some conventional lenders have programs similar to NACA so it will be not a great loss if they were shut down !!!


I personally know three people who have purchased homes thru NACA with no problems. And for many people who can't qualify thru "normal" channels, they have been a godsend.

It is unfortunate you have had a bad experience with NACA, and I hope you can rectify it and get reimbursed for any monies you are out.

But, do NOT try to end a program that has and is helping so many others. I can only imagine that if you would have qualified with conventional lenders, you wouldn't have contacted NACA.


The same happened to me but they discriminated against me. File a f13909 with the IRS.

Check other in the violation section, write in "acts contradictory to public policy" then write what happened in the description box. You can email or mail the form. They get their 501(c)4 status (exempt status) from the IRS. The IRS needs to know what they are doing to investigate them as a Charity.

You also have to file a formal complaint with your State Attorney General and their Charity Bureau.

They need to be shut down. If you need any assistance, let me know.

to Tblade29 #1707855

Ok....great...Thanks for the information

to Tblade29 #1714275

You sound ridiculous. I know plenty of people that have homes through NACA.

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