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I have contacted NACA several times. I am not able to get my counselor to respond.

I have everything in place. the house I wanted is now sold because I have been waiting on NACA.

I need right now support. Please advise?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

NACA Cons: Longer wait times for getting response to emails or phone calls, Lack of effort, Dead slow.

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NACA had me arrested because I am exposing their blatant regard to State and Federal Laws. Search NACA on facebook and you will see my videos. Feel free to reach out to me if you need the proper authorities to report them to.


I have been assigned two different counselors and I still am not getting any where. This has been going on for a year now, I still have not heard from anyone.

I really wont to leave it along. The workers help who they wont to help.

A lot of young people working at NACA. Not excellent at what they do.


Don't hold your breath in this situation I was in the same situation earlier this year with NACA. They move pretty slow and depending on your counselor he/she is very incompetent.

I would recommend looking at other avenues which I did and got pre-approved quickly and moved in to a house. NACA has issues because they take some many intakes but at the same time do not help people who have everything in order to get a house and are waiting. NACA in some ways have turned in to the enemy they are trying to fight against. They have not moved with the times because you probably live in a seller's market area and NACA can't adjust to help you get in to the home you want in a faster pace.

Don't let this discourage you I would recommend to check other institutions because I have researched and seen other issues ahead for you if you go with NACA during the due diligence period and closing.

That is something to take in to consideration especially with you purchasing a home and needing that security of knowing that things are in proper order for you when getting in to your home. To the potential NACA volunteer that will probably respond to what I put up please look at yourself and ask yourself is the organization you are working or volunteering for helping or harming the consumer that you are "trying" to protect.

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