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I have a client that is fully approved for a loan through NACA. However, we can't get the NACA "specialist" to agree to the terms of the offer!?!

I've never had a lender tell me that the buyer can't buy the house because of a clause in the contract that does not affect the buyer's loan! We lost the deal and my client lost about $500 with the inspection, etc.

As a Realtor, I had to attend one of NACA's classes. I was confused as to why they required me to become "certified through NACA" because I have annual continuing education, licensing requirements, and everything else required with being a licensed Realtor. In order to help my client, I agreed to go to this class.

The whole thing was about how they require things to be done.

Some of it I can accept like using their preferred title company and inspector but everything else is a complete joke!

I'd recommend anyone wanting to buy a house, save enough money to do an FHA loan and buy a house the right way. NACA has a good idea but their implementation is terrible!

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Loan Officer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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High blood company called naca


Out of the Five times I have utilized CFPB(Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) aka, I have always gotten a resolution thru them with anyone who is incompetent with handling my money THEY FAILED TO THOROUGHLY INTERPRET, FAILED TO PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL, WELL AS COMMUNICATE, EFFECTIVELY these documents. For someone to be in this position and not know?

not understand or just did not give a damn about this consumer who may be struggling financially; had more than likely committed the gross error and neglected and failed the man he was supposed to help. NACA was very different in 2008 when I volunteer with them. SO many people were walking out crying tears of joy for the assistance they received and they really did help them to save their homes. yes, it was a long process but the process as one of the lenders explained to me in great is very simple if you pay attention.

He allowed me to look at blank forms and gave hypothetical situations as the how they would remedy these situations and it was really simple if you pay attention and treat each homeowner home as if it was you losing your home.I bet my bottom dollar this guy did make so errors and blamed it on anything else but him. He had no response I'm sure. PASSING THE BUCK!! That why he gave no response.

This aggravates me because I learned a great deal about the process and requirements while spending countless weekends there. The lender and this worker would have had to actually show me the documents, procedures, and anything associated with this failure. I even wonder if somehow he pocketed the funds and blame it on a clause and its error. he figured they would he would not pursue an explanation so he blew it off.

I'm no loan officer but it seemed pretty simple to me do this tedious task and just paid attention to detail. "READING IS FUNDAMENTAl !" How did he get put in this position of critical importance? Sounds like NACA and the work ethic of some has totally and clearly gone to the dogs. They must respond!

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