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I'm looking at these reviews and I am NOT understanding why do you have to keep submitting your PERSONAL FINANCIAL information more than one time? Do they not have enough space on their servers to hold the clients' info?

And even if you are assigned another counselor why do you have to submit your paperwork agaon? Does NACA not have access to each counselors' files?What is happening to the docs. I would be asking where is the paperwork you were sent?

Papers that contained my social security number, bank information, credot card information, address?!! This sounds like a level of carelessness that is putting thousands of people at risk for identity theft and fraud.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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NACA Verified Representative

It is in fact very commonplace throughout the mortgage industry for documents to be submitted more than once. A mortgage application file typically contains 200 pages or more of documents, and locating any one specific page, even in a fully electronic document system such as NACA's, can be extremely time consuming.

Resubmitting a document is in reality your counselor's attempt to handle your file efficiently. By re-sending the document, it then become "top of the stack", is much easier to find and allows the counselor to process the file more quickly. Complying with your counselor's instructions promptly and completely is always in your best interest.

Interpreting a request to resubmit a document as inefficiency could not be further from the truth. It is in reality your counselor seeking your active participation so that he or she can get your file completed and sent to underwriting and move you closer to reaching the goal of homeownership.


Oh my husband and I plan on closing out the account NACA is aware of. I do want to know how to get our personal information back?

to Can_it_b89 #1611057
NACA Verified Representative

Federal law under Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires that any and all information gathered or submitted for any sort of credit application must be kept on file permanently and may not be deleted or destroyed in any manner. Therefore, information in your NACA file may not be returned or deleted for any reason whatsoever.

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