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My file is not being processed timely. I have been asked on multiple occasions for time sensitive information to submit to the Bank.

This is due to the documents provide not being sent by the NACA representative. My interest rate was increased because of another delay. Now I am in the final stages awaiting closing, more delays.

I don't want to lose my home. Please guide me where I can get active and urgent help before it is too late.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeee help!


Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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NACA Verified Representative

I’m sorry you feel pressured for time. However, you seem to be confused about how the process works and may in fact be causing your own delays.Under no circumstances whatsoever are documents to be sent directly to the bank.

NACA files are handled by a special department at the bank and anything sent directly to the bank will never reach its destination. All documents, without exception, must go through your NACA file.Also, your claim “This is due to the documents provide not being sent by the NACA representative” is not accurate. All documents submitted to your NACA file are accessible by the bank.

Requests for resubmission of documents are almost always to simply help the counselor/underwriter/bank rep find a specific document more quickly. As such, any delay or resistance to resubmitting documents only results in the person handling your file being unable to do their job and prevents you from progressing further toward your goal.The thing to do is to continue to work with your Closing Coordinator to make sure any requests or conditions from the bank are handled accurately and quickly so they can keep your file moving forward and get you into your new home.Tim TrumbleOnline Operations,


Who ? You didn't tell me and I suspect most of the general public reading this post doesn't know either.

Your plea for assistance is moving, but you've provided no additional information that is crucial to proper analysis of your case. So, instead of giving my normally $150 / hour advice pro bono, I'm going to go stir the sauce and warm up the supper plates.

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