Today was suppose to be my first appointment. I had to request off work as I was told my first appointment would take several hours.

I drove over an hour only to see a sign posted on the door stating they were closed from the 10th-16th.

No email or phone call to notify me my appointment was cancelled despite me calling last week to confirm my appointment. If this is what I have to look forward to, then I don't see this being a good fit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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NACA Verified Representative

The time frame to which you refer was when we conducted our Achieve the Dream event in Miami. The staff from the Orlando office was participating in the event on the day for which your appointment would have been roginally scheduled.

However, the local office attempted to contact every member with an appointment in that time frame to advise them of the change, and invite them to come to the event. Our Achieve the Dream evnets bring together the first four steps of the NACA process and allow our members to complete the process in as little as one day, rather than the several weeks to several months it can normally take. I'm sorry the office was not able to reach you regarding the change in scheduling.

I hope you have been able to reschedule the appointment and are back on track to yoru goal of hoem ownership. Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA


Do not waste your time, trust me I did the runaround with them for over a year. The more time you waste the worse the housing market is going to be and rates will rise.

As much as I hate PMI I am living in my home and could've been way sooner had I not wasted my time with them.

I wrote a review i would suggest you read it. I detailed step by step my experience.


Expect appointments to get cancelled with no phone call/email. They don't care!

Your time isn't important nor does it matter you had just confirmed your appt. 11 months in and it has happened 3 times. The last one that was cancelled with no notification--- I called my local NACA office requesting to speak to a supervisor, after calling their useless member services department. If you have a year or more to waste, Naca is perfect for you.

If you're expecting a smooth professional process/speedy process..

RUN RUN RUN.. I promise you you will be on every piss'd off consumer website adding in your own *** process.


These businesses need to show their clients the same consideration that they want.

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