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OMG; I have been dealing with NACA for almost two years now. Yes; it is true they do offer a good mortgage program, but working with them has been the worst in my entire life.

I have submitted all of the documentations that my agent requested; I have paid off items on my credit report; I have written explantations explaining my previous credit issues; and I have saved all of the money required. I am still not in a home. They submitted my application to the bank, and they said my debt/income ratio was too high. The only debt that I have is student loans.

This is frustrating as ***! It was stated that they would not want me to struggle to pay my mortgage. I have only been late on rent payments possibly twice in the last ten years. I don't know where the *** they could even say something of a sort.

NACA is full of ***! I have worked hard and did everything they requested only to be frustrated. Their inquiries drop your credit score a few points each time, and they don't tell you that. The workers have too many clients and can't even complete the files that they have already, and the leader sends them to seminars.

How are they doing seminars when they have not even got the clients they are already working with into homes.

I absolutely would recommend trying to get an HFA loan or some other type of home mortgage. NACA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I totally agree with every comment. I have been working with NACA well over 2 years now.

The counselors are overwhelmed!!They keep asking me for documents already submitted. I have been submitted to the underwriter 3 times and still nothing. I am soooo upset with this program. It's hard for me to walk away, because my counselor keeps telling me "I'm close" don't give up.

But this has been going on over 2 YEARS!! DON"T USE NACA!


Naca is a joke of an organization. They steal your identity and then sell it.


They are probably looking at your student loans , even if they are in deferrement. Asks counselor if this is the problem and if you can work something out, you can pay a house notes and student loans.


OMGEEEEE! I saw that my credit score dropped three points since the last time I saw my counselor and I STIIL havent been qualified!

I am getting totally fed up. If I am not (or will never be) qualified, I wish they would just tell me, so I can move on to a company that is actually about BUSINESS!

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