I heard about naca from a lawyer ..said he was a lawyer..from out of the blue..telling me I had submitted info a while back to get help for my mortgage. Yes, I said, but who are you.

That's when identified himself as a lawyer for some company I can't remember now, but that I did not qualify for assistance, but an organization called NACA could help. He never shared numbers, or why his organization couldn't help. It was sketchy. I looked up naca to see what he was talking about.

My eyebrow raised when I read the fine print. To get help from them you have to attend 5 public demonstrations through out the year! as protests, and any outward demonstration against what they called anycompany that victimizes people. Otherwise, you would not get their assistance.

Wow..if that isn't a bully, I don't know what is!!!

No, I will lose my home, or reasonably modify with my mortgage company before becoming a tyrant to people just to save my home! That is simply wrong!

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