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hello my name is Jean Stallworth this program is a joke the ad said you can buy a home cheaper than rent well then the ad says you don't need good credit everyone will and can be qualified. well the world needs to know this is a lie you get people's hope up about you can buy a home cheaper than rent the people are HUD doing business as N A C A I spoke to Anderson cooper at 360 how your advertisement is a lie.

I have no bad credit the free trials they charge your credit card a week or two later without telling you they keep your card information then use the card without your permission and this office should know these things How is it that you all just take advantage of real hard working people. if I can pay 600.00 a month you know I can pay less than this in rent you all should be put in prison for telling lies to good people who do not want to live under H U D. like a prisoner why does this government treat poor people like cow *** I will bug every news room that will listen (I am Black a Woman disabled) so how is it I can't get a home or a grant to buy a home this is just another way to make blacks miserable. my own people look at the record, sale your own people for goods making us slaves doing it all over again its a (gotham) lie I thought this program was to help you'r still telling lies to the people who donate all of their money they need to know who is pocketing all the free money the government gives out for poor black people to have an equal chance to own our own homes.

don't get mad tell ken12, Kent Justice news 4 Jax everyone who will listen this government is a joke help poor own their very own home the folks who donate all of their money I"ll find out how to contact every one who donates money for these kinds of programs they are keeping money for their families to get the loans help that should go to disabled person. discrimanation against poor people who are suppose to get this help but this goverment still can't wont do whats right

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to "keep your word put me in a home for less than i pay now like the add says.your credit doesnt matter". moosemeat is overall dissatisfied with Naca. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Naca Verified Representative

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America ("NACA") is a non-profit, community-advocacy and homeownership organization the primary goal of which is to build strong, healthy neighborhoods nationwide through affordable homeownership.

NACA pursues this goal by, among other things, providing its primarily low- and moderate-income clients (whom NACA calls "members") with free housing counseling and related services designed to assist members with obtaining or maintaining an affordable mortgage.

One such initiative is NACA's Purchase Program, the focus of which is to provide primarily low- and moderate-income individuals and families, who are generally shut out from traditional sources of credit, with access to affordable residential mortgage loans.

NACA's Purchase Program is unique because it offers NACA members the opportunity to obtain a mortgage with extremely favorable terms - that is, low interest rate, thirty-year fixed term, no down payment, no closing costs and no predatory features - regardless of each member's past credit or other financial problems.

To participate in the Purchase Program and obtain a NACA mortgage, NACA members are required to undergo NACA's comprehensive Purchase Program counseling process, through which each member participates in numerous counseling sessions with NACA employees and establishes a track-record of financial responsibility - such as budgeting expenses, reducing debt and saving income.

Members who demonstrate the prospective ability to make payments on their desired mortgage for a sustained period of time graduate from NACA's Purchase Program counseling process and become ready to apply for a mortgage - that is, they become NACA Qualified.

In this member’s case, she was not able to demonstrate the ability to meet her desired objectives according to the program’s guidelines, which are applied equally to all who come to NACA, nor was she in a position to make the adjustments needed to meet those objectives.

We are sorry the member was not able to qualify due to her individual circumstances, but having an equal standard for all those who come to the NACA program is anything but discriminatory. Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA ttrumble@naca.com

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