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I went to a NACA workshop in DC. I made it all the way to the servicer for the home modification.

Once there Bank of America informed me that they could modify but I had a lien from the IRS and that they couldnt do anything until i received a letter of release from the IRS. A couple weeks later I received the letter and uploaded it to my file. In the mean time Ive been communicating to the servicer through NACA but Ive been receiving fedex packets from Bank of America saying that I havent responded to any of their request and now Im not eligible. Wait, everything Ive gotten I responded via NACA like I was told.

Why am I receiving letters from Bank of America saying Im not responding and now Im not eligible. Ive sent several emails to both NACA and the servicer asking for a response. I sent the email 6/13/2012. I havent heard from anyone!

Now Im worried that my house is going to foreclose. Ive scheduled several calls through the website but everytime I speak to a "counselor" they never have any info for me or they just flat out say, "I dont have an answer, wait for a response from Bank of America" How is that helping me?

I need to know if NACA is working for me and are they corresponding with Bank of America, if so, why am I getting these Fedex packets saying Im not communicating with them.

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It is a lie, you will not get a loan modification---please go to another non profit organization--I have been through the same problems with NACA--go to www.restoring, it is a non profit organization that will help you!


Had no idea this organization will allow uncaring/unprofessional individuals lacking business ethics handle sensitive important transactions such as home buying & mortgage needs for clients. I was representing the seller & shocked @ not only how this buyer will suffer a monetary loss but also the emotional distress that will accompany the final outcome.

The negligence should not be allowed to go unnoticed; if so it will happen again.

When NACA is allowed to come to areas representing as an organization that is helpful with individual housing needs; potential clients should be aware of the lack of business ethics practiced by some , prior to committing to what appears to be misrepresentation of skills & knowledge. I hope the individuals involved in the transaction I was a party to will someday understand that not only unethical practices will not continue to be tolerated by a higher power after you cover up what was done; there are morals issues to be dealt with on how a

you conduct business business as well, and it won't go unnoticed by all.


I too wrote to Naca's founder about the problems with NACA's communication and their BLATENT refusal to provide an answer beside "because they said so" what they told me was don't expect a response from him, he knows of the issues but has too many emails to reply.

I think the whole thing is rediculous...they say one thing then do another and refuse to provide a meaningful explanation all the while saying we are the ones that don't understand...OH WE UNDERSTAND...IT"S A JOKE.


Ive been a NACA (new purchase) for two years. I've had three mortgage counselors.

I call daily, no response. I send emails, no reponse.

I joined the blog, received a response that someone would get back to me, no response. I finally sent a note to NACA's founder,,,waiting for a response..

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