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The Houston office is not helpful. Anthony Bromwell is not helpful at all they do not respond to emails phone calls or anything.

The receptionist will tell you to email your counselor but counselor never responds. We had our 9th appointment last week because the counselor can only answer a question or check your file if you are right in front of him. He said we were submitted to the underwriter but now is not responding and trust me I call everyday. I am just wondering if this is a scam because I have paid two membership fees and paid for two credit report pulls because the counselor will say it has to be done again.

Do they really just have a goal of closing maybe 5 homes a month and everything else is just smoke and mirrors. If anyone knows who I could call for help that would be great. What is the point of playing with people's emotions. I am not sure why they would lie about this like this is so important to people why lie to their face and take a nembership fee knowing you have no desire..none at all to help them purchase a home.

I have missed 9 days of work going to appointments which I dont mind but I do mind being lied to and being assigned a counselor who couldnt care less and will just lie to get you out the door. I believed them I really believed.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1187584

What are the Membership fees like? How often do they need to be paid?

Have you finished your process?

I am a single 28 year old teacher here in Houston... dying to get out of apt. living.

Do you think this program is worth it???


Well I finally got a response!!! I reached out to NACA on facebook and I think they helped because all of a sudden I got a response.

Approval should be coming next week.

I pray this is all real and I can move forward I even chose one of those realtors off the list i was sent by @nacared imma ask about the first look program too...well imma try to ask they never answer my calls or emails so not sure who can tell me about it. Sigh I just wish the customer service was better this is beyond sweat equity because after the initial intake meeting counselors just forget you exist even if you are fighting for yourself and trying really hard.


They treat everyone like that. Your time doesn't matter to them.

Don't have your hopes too high or waste your time... Sellers and seller agents don't like to work with Naca anyway, so even when you get approval it will be difficult to find a home.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1172048

So what should I do...I cant afford the down payment...thats my is fine can get approved eithout NACA at 3.85% interest but I still need 5% on conventional and 3.5% on FHA plus closing cost...and the PMI will add about 80 to 150 bucks to my monthly mortgage. Dont get me wrong I have money saved but good lord I would move in my my new house with maybe 1k after all the cost with a conventional loan are paid out.

I guess I need to stop being scared and go that route. Someone told me that NACA gets paid based on the number of new counseling sessions they do not the closing of homes...sigh I just wish I could be one of the lucky ones.

I do everything they ask me to multiple times. I do think I will get approved soon because I just finally got a response on the 11th and they sent me a realtor list that had 6 people...I was so shocked you mean there are only 6 NACA certified realtors in Houston Texas...I couldnt find a realtor willing to take the course required by NACA to represent me so I figured I would go with the list..imma keep trying

to Anonymous #1460926

I went through the program to purchase my home. The financial savings are there but dealing with the counselors and the process is very frustrating.

My counselor either did not care or was overwhelmed with too many clients. My initial meetings went well with a different person. It was once I was assigned a counselor and was waiting on responses from her and the bank that everything went bad. No response to phone calls or emails, confusion about paperwork, etc.

Nonchalant attitude about everything.

Only when I showed up at the office unannounced did I get any answers and then back to the same old thing of no response. I hoped the program had gotten better but based on these reviews, its more of the same.

Naca Verified Representative

NACA has in fact helped more than 50,000 families become homeowners and demand for the NACA program is greater than ever.

We would like to look into your concerns. Please email me at the address below with more details including your name and NACA ID number so we can review your file and seek a solution.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA

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