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As a licensed real estate broker with Opulence Real Estate Group, I have a love hate relationship with NACA. I personally purchased my home via NACA in 2009.

I was able to obtain a 2% fixed rate, 6 bedroom, 6bath home on a full finished basement - 5200 sqft... my mortgage payment is $798... I love that NACA provides a tool that enables buyers that may have less than stellar credit to purchase a home. I love that it is 100% financing with no money down....

I love that NACA does not allow you to purchase more than you can actually afford.... On the other hand, I hate their customer service protocol... it sucks 90% of the time... they are not responsive and or their responses don't address the issue at hand...

They nickel and dime the process and make it extremely cumbersome The key to navigating NACA is ensuring that all your paperwork is in order... The reality is that the documents they require are required by the bank... NACA does all the underwriting up front- you have to start the process early. I recommend that you start 18 to 24 months in advance of when you want to purchase.

Make sure that you find an agent like me that knows the NACA program inside and out. Paperwork, paperwork, and paperwork are critical..

There are numerous things that you can do to ensure that the process is less stressful... #nacaqueen #imbuyingahomerealty #nacarealtor

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Customer service is not always great.

NACA Cons: Customer service and missing documents.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1349335

what a big beautiful home

NACA Verified Representative

What you call nickel and diming requests is anything but a lack of customer service. It is in fact an indicator of the thoroughness that makes the NACA program work to begin with.

As a result of our mission to make affordable and responsible home ownership a reality for low and moderate income buyers who otherwise might become the victims of predatory lending practices, the NACA program is very different by design from any other mortgage program. It is deliberately very detailed. Every i is dotted and every t is crossed, the objective being to send the bank an air-tight file that proves beyond any doubt that the buyer is deserving of a mortgage with a fixed, below market interest rate with no down payment, no closing costs and no PMI.

The process is not meant to be fast or easy, and the home buyer needs to be ready to be an active participant in the process. When your counselor asks you for a document that may have been submitted before, there is always a good reason.

It is in fact your counselor asking for your help to complete the file as quickly as possible.

The average NACA file has approximately 200 pages of documents in it, all electronically stored in the file. Typically they have been sent in by the member in groups over several days or even weeks. To locate any one given page, the counselor must search page by page until he or she finds it. Very simply, with dozens of files being handled by each counselor, he or she doesnt have the time to make that kind of search.

Therefore, by asking you to resubmit the document, it is then the most recent submission, on top of the stack and very easily found by the counselor.

In short, objecting to resubmitting a requested document literally accomplishes nothing more than creating a roadblock to the completion of your file. You are thwarting your own best interests.

While all of the attention to detail and repeated requests may seem frustrating, they do indeed exist for a very good reason, and are actually an indicator of how hard your counselor is working on your file. Had you perhaps asked why the requests were being made, you would have discovered that they should actually be greeted with enthusiasm as each one is actually a step closer to becoming a homeowner. We hope you will reconsider the hate side of your relationship with NACA.

As is always the case, hate is the misdirected reaction to that which we dont understand.

We look forward to working with you to create more homeowners in the future. Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA ttrumble@naca.com

to NACA_Online #1392235

Why doesnt naca properly label and categorize the years and years of documents some people have to submit? This would make it quicker for a mortgage counselor to obtain the document and save time by erasing the time it takes for the client to resubmit it and the counselor getting around to review it.

Instead you expect the client to maintain a physical copy of those same 200 pages you have neatly stored electronically.

You cant justify every problem. Some things should just be done better.

to K L Jenkins #1392507
NACA Verified Representative

NACA receives several thousand pages of documents every single day, continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by fax, email and direct upload. As you noted, they are all in an electronic form and are routed directly to your NACA file as received.

They are stored there in chronological order of receipt.

What you suggest is far more difficult than it may seem on the surface, partially because of the huge volume of information being received. To manually sort through each and every page would take a massive amount of labor each day, requiring an enormous staff and an equally enormous payroll. As a non-profit organization, we already live on a tight budget, making such a task impossible.

Additionally, while Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has existed for quite some time, it is nowhere close to the level of sophistication needed for computer systems to accurately identify every single page and categorize it properly.

So yes, we do need you to participate in the process and help us by occasionally re-submitting a document. Because of the chronological storage of documents in your file, the re-sent document is now on the “top of the stack” and is much easier to locate, saving a great deal of your counselor’s time and helping your file move forward more efficiently.

In short, we agree that it would be great to do some things better, and we are always looking for ways to streamline the process without compromising our standards.

But some things are simply not possible for practical reasons or the limits of current technology. Until they are, we all simply have to work together using the best methods available.

Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA ttrumble@naca.com

to K L Jenkins #1715036


to NACA_Online #1446144

Wow! I was looking to join the program but NACA Idea of customer service from this is just sad.

From someone who works in finance I know exactly what it is like getting several documents for several customers , however, your counselors have a job that they get paid for and not organizing them self correctly is not fault of a customer and a customer should not have to bend over backwards or be excited to send documents repeatedly.

This is the saddest excuse for laziness I have ever read. You definitely represent the company well to let people know they are of no importance and customer service does not exist in NACA eyes.

to GLJ #1488643

It's amazing how many excellent couch Quarterbacks there are out there. They actually call the plays better than the REAL quarterback who is on the field getting beat up and pommeled to the ground.It is a natural instinct that I think i can do a better job than the other person however, Not all jobs are equal.1.

NACA is an excellent Program geared for the less fortunate, be it credit or Financial2. NACA is a Non Profit Program which means very limited Funding for those administering the Program but Tons of benefits for those participating in the Program3. There's a very good reason why the Banking Institutions distance themselves from being the primary Administrators(Initial qualification process) of this type of Program -- Very time consuming and not cost effective for them. They prefer receiving a completed package(preliminary) and then only have to deal with the specifics.4.

I can list more of the Great Benefits of the NACA but if people have made up their minds to be critical instead of being Optimistic, Hopeful and grateful then there's not much else canbe done.5.

Granted the class setting can be better organized with hydration and sustenance provided especially for a 5hrs long event, even a 15min break every two hours would not be such a bad idea.PS: I am from California and just got back from MI today. I was looking to buy a house in the Detroit Area and from what I have seen of the Houses and neighborhoods I checked out, NACA is an Invaluable Program and Exactly what the Detroit Area needs in order to revitalize the neighborhoods and place people into Homes they can call their own.

to Filipo Sua #1616717

Very limited funding? They sell you on the billions won in court cases to fund naca. Some people are amazingly dim witted

to GLJ #1715038

I’m feeling the same way, we are looking to purchase a home in the next 4 months and if this process takes one to two years, I don’t think this program is for me... Thanks

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