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I paid naca 3k for pre legitation services, they assured they would most likely resolve my problem with my loan servicer with in a couple months. As soon they got my money, there customer service disappeared, I practically had to harass them to get any information, but there really wasn’t any information cause they really weren’t doing anything.

Then they called me to let me know there was nothing further they could do with pre-lit. So they said I have to pay an additional 7k to get the attorney involved but that I could pay at least half before they would do any legal action, so like an idiot I paid and additional 600.00 dollars but then I started reading the articles on the web about naca Costa Mesa. Then I realized I am also being scammed. All while interest rates rise.

Feel so frustrated!! Don’t know what to do and now i am out 3600.00 and still have the same problem with my fraudulent mortgage servicer.

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