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If LOURDES WOODS is your She is lazy and extremely incompetent.

I feel like i have wasted my time and effort. The webfile you have to upload the documents too if archaic and they still insis you fill out the same forms online. The counselor couldn't even tell me how to access the info online. Isn"t that the basic thing you should know...where to tell the person to go and fill out the forms....

She was rude, kept me on hold for a long time while we were on the phone like she wasn"t prepared for our session. Another time, she was having a side line conversation with a colleague while i was on the line. Im worried cause its been like 8 months and these people have all of my families iD info.

Ive seen no result and have no confidence or hope at this point. Is this a scam?

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of communication and counselor. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of staff. Naca needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Naca Verified Representative

If the writer was so unhappy with their counselor, why did they not ask to be reassigned to a new counselor, reach out to NACA management or contact NACA through other legitimate channels?

NACA has helped more than 35,000 families become homeowners with fixed, below market interest rate mortgages with no down payment and no closing costs. Each and every one of them will tell you that it's anything but a "scam".

Those who genuinely want to succeed with the NACA program and are willing to put forth the effort to do so will succeed every time.

If you genuinely have an issue with the NACA process, let US know! Once again, complaining anonymously on a completely unrelated site makes it impossible for anyone to help you resolve those issues.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA

Keymar, Maryland, United States #971457

Naca is not a scam. period. Naca is the best kept secret in america.

to krisfnbs #971461

And you work for them, right...ok. I get it job security.

to Anonymous Keymar, Maryland, United States #971477

Thats actually hilarious. Im literally laughing out loud right now.

I just closed on my home a month ago through naca. Here are some facts:

0.062% 30 year fixed interest rate(Yes that is one SIXTEENTH of 1%)



Credit score = 598.

Yeah... citi bank loaned me over a third of a million dollars with a credit score under 600. Anyone can read my review here: Point blank, your complaining too much.

Suck it up. Is naca frustrating at times? Sure. In the end though..

they deliver a product that nobody can even come close to matching. Naca saved my family over $320,000 over the cost of 30 years in interest and PMI charges. Naca is not a scam. YOU are the only one stopping yourself from changing your life through naca.

Nobody but YOU. I suggest joining the forums and reaching out for some help before you start posting things like this here.

to Anonymous #973049
Naca Verified Representative

Krisfnbs is in fact a homeowner who recently closed on his home through the NACA process. He had bumps in the road as everyone does, but he persevered and got his home on terms that cannot be matched anywhere else!

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA

to NACA_Online Keymar, Maryland, United States #973095

Heck yeah! Livin' the dream! What a fantastic house!!!!

to krisfnbs #981690

Best kept secret indeed. I've been researching mortgage and rehab options for over 6 months and had become totally discouraged because, in my price range, all the houses need a lot of work.

I was told by several agents and lenders that it would be futile to try to get an FHA 203K loan because it's become such a seller's market in St. Petersburg, FL, and the process is long and complicated. I couldn't figure out how to have the money for downpayment and closing costs and still have money for rehab. It's been a catch 22.

A regular FHA loan demands certain work be down before closing. Sellers aren't going to do that at this time and I can't afford both closing and rehab costs.

Then, out of the blue, I stumbled upon NACA online! Even though it sounds like a long process, it sounds like a more doable process than anyone I'm working with has come up with.

I'm excited to have signed up for the June calls.

The May class in my area was already full, so others must have found NACA easier than I did. Good luck to everyone!

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