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Where do I start...

1. They put you through a lengthy process of revealing all of your personal information and while it's out there for anyone at NACA to see, you are on hold.

2. They don't tell you how they get their funding and what they have to do to earn it.

3. They make you believe they will help you but when it actually comes down to the wire, they like to PUT THE BLAME ON YOU OR THE MORTGAGE COMPANY but it's usually them NOT doing their part as they promised. I don't believe they know or intend to help you get a modification. Just makes them look good.

4. You get what you pay for... It's free! Unlike the actual government approved program, they make you believe they are ONLY REPRESENTING YOU and are a PRIVATE organization wanting to go up against the Mortgage giants. $$$ talks and BS walks away with the CASH.

*** This will really blow your mind...

I went to 3 physically different NACA Events within 15 months and I witnessed a NACA worker/volunteer who I'd seen at a prior even (towards the end of the event), parading on stage and celebrating how she received a modification from the "bleep" Mortgage Company. I believe she was ACTING; because after she pretended to take a break from her "performance", she looked me straight in the face and you should have seen her expression. I know she recognized me because I am not easy to forget. She looked like she had seen a ghost and was caught 'red-handed with her hand in the cookie jar'.

** The events are a huge justification for NACA but it appears to me like a farmer ROUNDING UP it's livestock FOR SLAUGHTER!!!


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Los Angeles, California, United States #816911

I have read some of the review from NACA clients and its not good. I just had a bad exprences with the LA office.

A Women answed the phone at NACA and said, "what do you want." WOw i said and I have a appointment with you. I canceled my appointment and tried to reschedule with someone to tell me they only have 2 people working for Southern Cali area She also stated Iwould be able to get an appointment unitl July and we are only in May and they have all of my personal information.

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