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All of the complaints against NACA's customer service seem to be from people who aren't actually clients of NACA themselves, like Realtors or people selling a home to a buyer who is using NACA. This same type of complaint can also be found about any of the major banks who are notoruously poor at meeting the contractual dates for commitment & closing on a Real Estate purchase and sale agreement.

It also appears to me that NACA would benefit immensely by an infusion of talented and experienced mortgage professionals to help them get their act together.

I have 17 years of residential lending experience in the purchase market and I love what they stand for. I am applying for the underwriter position in Charlotte, NC and would really love to join their fight for economic justice to all.

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@j.nodine_51 -- is there any way to get in touch with you directly?


We too are sellers who are already seeing problems with NACA...they have moved our closing date back three weeks putting the buyer as well as us in a very difficult position. Our agent has told us he has NEVER seen this in any other lending institutions in more than 20 years in the real estate market!

So, if NACA is just going through growing pains that other institutions experience as well, grow up already!

You're supposed to be a philanthropic organization that helps people who are struggling to buy first homes that they, and their families, desperately need to move forward in their lives and you're not helping by being irresponsible and short-staffed! Get it together NACA or get out of the game!!!

to ML #1410694

I bought a house using NACA and went through rehab loan. This is my 2 cents to you guys.

Do not get any mortgage from NACA.

They will have a lien on your property at the closing and you cannot have your control of your house for the life of the mortgage if you want to do anything, i.e get a loan or home equity line of credit.

NACA people are incompetence and deceive people. They waste your time and money in the long run.

They take advantage of middle class and poor people and mislead people to sell their mortgage and run their business.

Do not get mortgage with them before you found out it is too late.


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