I have been in NACA *** since 6/5/10. My first MC had her last day on my first appointment and lost all my paper work.

so the office manager asked me to come in again and bring back my paperwork. The office manager then decided to play MC and lead me on for the next 11 months telling me how close I was. She even went so far as to tell me that the underwriter had my file and I should be approved within 2 weeks. That was in march of 2011.

Then they fired her and and gave me a new MC who really isn't working on my file at all. I have an 800 credit score and no debt. I have begged and pleaded and still nothing. This has gone on so long that I am literally sick over it.

I can't get any info or answers and they just leave me hagging. I have every email that was sent to and from all of them. I have been lied to so many times and have proof of all of it. I have paid them money twice and paid for several credit checks.

They have sent my landlord 5 letters (which he has sent back) and now need to send him another one because it has taken them so long to do nothing that they don't believe me when I tell them I still live there. But if that's is the way they think then I will never get the loan because by the time they get to me I need another letter again. my landlord has been great about it but where does it end.

How many times must I pay for the credit report. Who can I go to for help with the Oakland office?

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Mr Mark socializes the risk while centralizing the Profits of this so called NON Profit. Employees.

If you have ever been to one of their so called events, take a good long look at the workers. They are alittle ruff around the edges and worked like slaves. NACA requires the workers to share rooms with other workers when traveling (sounds kind of cultish to me). Mr Marks is known to curse out his directors in front of their peers (this i know for a fact) The Los Angeles and Oakland offices are in shambles.

Just take a good look around when you are unlucky and happen to have an appointment lol. The stuff I could tell you but not in this forum

Box Hill North, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #331497

I have been lead on lied to and scolded for using caps. Enough is enough.

I have done everything they have asked for and done it more than twice. The Oakland office is out of control. So in an attempt to get a response and some answers from the very incompetent Oakland office I will be constructing a letter to 60 minutes to let them know how I've been treated by NACA. I think they should know the other side of the story of NACA for their viewers.

What has been done to me is outrageous and completely without cause. I will continue to send in my stub and statements in hopes of some kind of action on NACA's part, but I don't have much hope anymore of this ever happening. There is no support from the Oakland office manager (Winifred Gant).In fact quit the opposite she has been unprofessional and rude and purposely avoided answering questions that were clearly asked. The latest excuse is there is a glitch in my file and her response when I asked about fixing it was CAPS ARE UNACCEPTABLE.

I use caps at the office and don’t always have time to reformat my text and play the NACA game all day to her liking. I will be naming her and several others as the incompetence of the Oakland office seems to stem from the management end of NACA.

I have every email that was ever sent to and from NACA and can prove and document everything from the very beginning (6/2010) of this long and very bad experience. You should all be ashamed of your deceit.


I am sick in tiered by NACA people the program seems ok but the people inside mess it up. I have been NACA since march 2010 I did the workshop 2 times by disorganized and handling their paper works.after all still this day of08/09/11 I did not see any better rather asking the same document again and again.My credit score is the 700 hundred's, I am pissed off and thinking exiting the naca process. I also referred 3 people already they have to face the same frustration like me.the talk at naca workshop and the work inside their office are two different faces.

Box Hill North, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #313793

because we don't have a lot of money to put down and my husband is on ssi. I need to keep my payments low and my down payment very low. With the other loans you have to come up with alot of money on fees that naca doesn't charge.


I don't understand why you are still trying to go through this company after so many months. If your credit score is that good and you have no debt, why can't you go to another lender?

I talked to several different lenders when I was purchsing my last house. I would suggest running very far away from NACA because it sounds like they are taking your money and giving you the run around.

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