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I reviewed on here last year after I closed(March 2015)... but I feel this organization is easily worth writing another review for. First I will start with the numbers of my loan, because... you know... everybody likes numbers.

I am a NACA ADDICT! This organization has changed the course of my familys life!

-Interest Rate: 0.0625%(Yes that is 1/16th of 1%) 30 years FIXED

-NO PMI, MIP etc.

-I paid NO closing costs

-Credit score at time of closing: 598, seriously.

-No down payment required("Principle Reduction" may be required if you buy the interest rate all the way down such as I did, but this is not the norm) This can get confusing very quickly, so for now just know there is no down payment required initially on loans, only if you decide to buy the interest rate down, and even then depending on how far you buy it down.

Purchase Price: 405k

Loan Amount: 383k

Total Mortgage Payment: $1474

Principle & Interest: $1074

Property Taxes & Insurance: $400

Under $1500 a month for a 6 YEAR old house with 1.33 acres located in Frederick County(little north of the DMV- DC/Maryland/Virginia)

Ill explain this as easy as I can. I paid 25k to the bank upfront to buy the rate from 3.5%~ to about 1.75%. I then put down 22k into a "downpayment" aka "principle reduction" and the bank matched that dollar for dollar in further reducing the rate to the lowest allowed by law through CITI BANK to 0.0625%. This is a fixed interest rate. In addition to the 25k interest I paid up front I will be paying roughly $3000 in interest amortized over 30 years(practically nothing) So total interest paid: 28k on a 383k loan. OH but not so fast... I just received a 6k tax refund solely due to deducting the points paid last year. So make that a total of 22k interest on a 383k loan! YOU CANNOT GET THIS ANYWHERE ELSE! IT IS CRAZY!!! The cost to pay for the interest rate upfront LITERALLY pays for itself in 1.5 years!

The amount of interest and fees I am saving over the course of 30 years is approximately $320,000!!!!! That is CRAZY!

FHA you need a 3.5% down payment, Conventional is what 10-20%? Then you have to worry about PMI and MIP... and another "fees" the banks charge you. Its all a bunch of ludicrous. The banks DONT CARE about you. NACA DOES care about you.

SO your saying to yourself: "WOW!!! There must be a catch......"

Here's the catch: You must be PATIENT, you must be PERSISTENT, and you must be DETERMINED. Naca doesnt just "give out" this mortgage terms. You have to EARN IT. You have to understand how the process works. You have to put in "SWEAT EQUITY". The process is not FAST. If your looking for a 123 quick mortgage this program is NOT for you. YOU have to be the one on top of your file 24/7. YOU have to be the one who wants "next level" home ownership REAL BAD. My process took pretty much the same amount of time an FHA loan would have taken, maybe 1~ month longer.

I typically try and speak at workshops in the Baltimore area at least once every 2-3 months or so. I used to be one of those people sitting in the workshops listening to official home owners talking about the program. Now I get to share my success story with everyone else. Nobody is going to stop you through this program but YOURSELF.

I read all of these negative reviews on here. Practically all of them have everything to do with ones own lack of preparation, lack of knowledge of the program, lack of personal responsibility, complaining the process is too slow, just generally being "privileged". Listen, the process WORKS. It really does. It does not work for everyone, but it can. The process is not perfect by any means. The counselors are EXTREMELY overworked. Some counselors may have 100+ people they are trying to assist! The way I look at it, some of the best things in life just TAKE TIME. You cant RUSH greatness.

Listen, I grew up on section 8 housing my entire life as a kid. For the first 9 years of my adult life I was renting one crummy apartment after another. I learned about the naca process in 2010. It took me YEARS to grow into the person that had enough DISCIPLINE to obtain these phenomenal mortgage terms. I developed an immense amount of patience. I made HUGE SACRIFICES. I just turned 30. Nobody in my family has accomplished anything of this magnitude. Dont ever let anyone tell you what you cant do. YOU have the ability to decide to go after whatever it is you want in life. My mother lives with me. I feel HONORED to be able to put my mother in such a wonderful HOME. I will NEVER have to worry about forclosure EVER. I am not some "special guy" I am not made of money. I am about as common as can be if you were to pass me on the sidewalk. However, I have this immense amount of DETERMINATION, AMBITION, that you cannot buy at walmart.

If you live in the DC/VA/MD area and would like me to assist you through becoming a "next level" home owner, feel free to email me at and I will do everything within my power to help you. Having someone like me on your side through this process is PRICELESS.

good day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Mortgage.

Reason of review: Good quality.

NACA Pros: Program terms, Loan product, No closing costs, Program description, Great end result.

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All I want to know can u move where u want


Your lack of reality, and sympathy are both remarkable and astounding. Looks like you have it all figured out.

Good for you 800 credit score!

Hope you can always pay for what it got you with no unfortunate events along the way. But surely you planned for that.


You can say that because of your 800 credit score. Sympathy for those who don't must be hard for you.


Is there a NACA program in the state of Florida?


Thanks Kris.I will be looking into the MI NACA Program


Good review, I agree, it is real, the benefits and the money you are saving is real. Thanks for giving the numbers.I was in the process of qualifying in ATL a few years back but moved back to Cali.

:(Getting ready to resubmit all my paperwork, I know it's a long process, but definitley well worth it to people who understand the long term benefit. Not to mention all the equity you build in such a short amount of time!


As much as I hate NACA, he’s telling the truth.This program does allow terms like these, just their customer service SUCKS. Their MCs SUCK.

TIM TRUMBLE SUPER SUCKS! If you can get through everyone SUCKING, you can get the best mortgage terms anyone has to offer at this time.

to Who Knows #1447245

Wow, finally someone who knows about NACA and believes my review of the 0.0625% interest rate. Thank you for your honesty, it is appreciated.However I have to respectfully disagree on your opinion: "Tim Trumble Sucks".

That is an absurd statement. I have personally watched Tim go above and beyond for hundreds if not thousands of people in the NACA program.



to Anonymous #1442850

Oh really? Here's proof. Check the pictures of my mortgage statement along with Yearly 1098 form, Anual Amortization chart, and mortgage details while logged into Citi mortgage.


*** You naca employee.

to Anonymous #1388808

I agree!!! Definitely an employee

to Jaylon3 #1443538

Oh really? Here's proof. Check the pictures of my mortgage statement along with Yearly 1098 form, Anual Amortization chart, and mortgage details while logged into Citi mortgage.

to Anonymous #1447246

Oh really? Here's proof. Check the pictures of my mortgage statement along with Yearly 1098 form, Anual Amortization chart, and mortgage details while logged into Citi mortgage.


krisfnbs Written review or shall I say "advertisement book" is shady and obvious! Nothing short of shameless.

Abosolulety no customer would write anything remotely near this. Particularly on pissed off consumer. Look in the comments below!

krisfnbs Goes on to give out their email account to get business. This is total BS!

to Jabber 01 #1378851

Feel free to believe what you WANT to believe. I specifically wrote this on pissed consumer to show people the program is absolutely wonderful for those who have the patience & persistence & really want "next level" home ownership really bad.

About a year after I closed on my home with NO INTEREST RATE, I decided to become a part time real estate agent in addition to my full time career because I get so many emails from people around the country asking for advice on how to fully work the NACA program as much as possible.

The information I have & give out is extremely valuable. In order for me to truly help as much as I can throughout the entire process I had to get licensed.

So you can think what you want. I have helped several people locally & around the country close on their homes with UNHEARD OF terms. I have seen families financial situation drastically change due to this program.

I can be reached at: or Email me & I will send you a copy of my mortgage statement to PROVE everything I have written is accurate.

Of course you wont email me.

Your too much of a pessimist. Good day.


Krisfnbs sounds more like a paid promoter of the program. No customer would respond this many times with their paid positivity responses.

NACA has value but just pay your bills to keep your score up and get a loan that fits your budget with down payment assistance or gift funds. Always have savings...if you don't you shouldn't be buying a home.

to Anonymous #1443543

Not a paid promoter. I have never worked for NACA. Although I did obtain my real estate license about a year after I closed to have a more hands on ability to assist people transition from renting to home ownership.Check the pictures of my mortgage statement along with Yearly 1098 form, Anual Amortization chart, and mortgage details while logged into Citi mortgage. misinformation here!

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1262595

Thank you for putting the real in NACA. Im in ur local areal and is thinking abt going the program. I used them years ago for a loan modification...God sent for sure.

to Anonymous Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1272806

PLEASE email me at If you are local I can help you tremendously from start to finish with your NACA journey!

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