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we went to the Cleavland seminar and was pleased what we heard now it

has been seven months and we have 200 emails between us we have sent over 200 faxes we have spoke to are helper 5 times on the phone and are told we need more docs we have gave these people everything but a blood sample and are first born child what does it take for hard working people to get help improving their lives and showing there children that if you work hard and be a good person good things will come your way but this company has destroyed my way of thinking it seems like you got to be screwed up for them to help you out

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Update on us we bought a house decemder 28 2011 all on our own thru a normal mortgage company we did it thru our own hard work its a matter of cleaning your credit up and being deligant about it NACA DID NOTHING FOR US so dont let them make you belive they are doing anything good for you for anybody out there just work hard and youll get theregood luck!!!!!!!!!


um they are in Memphis tis wkend so i was thinking of going but after reading this i seriously doubt i will waste my time



REMOVE the POWER from NACA everyone send them an e-mail to CLOSE your case. When NACA receives a high volume of cancellations; then they will learn their lesson! Don't give NACA any more power people!!

They are selling your personal confidential identity! Soon you'll see them on Dateline or 60minutes for identity theft. Please listen up folks CLOSE Your cases. Don't give them anymore personal information!!!!!!


This sound like the truth! I am having plenty of problems with NACA office in Atlanta.

So will probably stop while I am ahead. I see naca didn't comment on this because its true

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