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after waiting for naca for almost a year they told me they couldn't help me because i have a roommate now or they could help but they needed to check my roommate credit. that's crazy rite thats kinda misleading, they take you thru all the hours of talking and then take your money then you

can't talk to any one that can give you an straight answer about anything.

i had an appointment set in stone then i get the call a week before my

appointment to tell me they need to reschudule me by via email, i never

got that email i finally call and got an appointment 3 months later only

to find out they caouldn't help because i move out of my apartment and have roommate

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NACA & Freddie Mac - we attended the "Save the Dream" event in Washington, DC, earlier this week. The modification offered by Wells Fargo was counter offered by Freddie Mac and extended our loan by 15 years.

We asked if they could offer us anything better than paying an additional $208,000 (over 15 years) for our underwater home.

They sent us over to speak directly with Freddie Mac who "worked out" better terms, but told us we would now have to wait 5 to 6 weeks for it to be approved in the "back office". Anyone have any experience working directly with Freddie or Fannie?


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