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Everything everyone is saying is true, but it depends on your preparation as well. Listen, your CREDIT SCORE/REPORT will be pulled and it does matter 100%.

Reason being is because it reflects your ability to manage debt. Our process was cake. I got approved the first meeting. I just had to go back to turn in a couple pieces of paper and thats it.

My FICO is 799 (they will tell you trust me) and me and the wife have a strong savings, along with 401k. With us, it was just about turn in this next week with your latest stub, and boom. We pick up the qualification letter Thursday night. But remember, we were well organized BEFORE we went to our first meeting.

And we labored in prayer. You also need to have a strong agent. We worked with Curtis Luke in Decatur, Georgia. One of the top 2 agents in the nation.

I have heard horror stories, we didnt experience any of that stuff. Look, manage your debt, keep your debt to income ratio LOW, leave credit cards alone, have minimum 3k, manage your paperwork (make copies of everything) and ave a stable income. If your agent is lazy, switch agents. Stay on top of his/her hrad.

You should be ok.

I used my veterans loan the first time, im going to take advantage of this program. G

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I was able to assist a friend and Naca saved her home.

Evans, Georgia, United States #1238421

I purchased my home May 2000 in Augusta,GA. I had a great counselor Melissa, but a lazy agent I don't even remember his name.

My disappointment with NACA is the policy of not allowing members to refinance for better interest rate, my income has increased and payments are current. Even the banks will refinance

if you qualify.

to Anonymous #1238671
NACA Verified Representative

While NACA does not do refinancing, we will in fact allow you to refinance if you are able to get a better rate. Nowhere do we indicate that refinancing is prohibited.

You are most likely confusing it with the owner occupancy requirement and the $25,000 lien NACA places on the home to ensure that the requirement is followed. The lien also serves to block home equity loans (HELOC's) that can threaten your ability to afford the home.

If you wish to refinance, simply contact the NACA Member Assistance Program (MAP) at 281-968-6222 to arrange for a lien release.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA

East Orange, New Jersey, United States #1237596

You need to read clearly because everyone is telling you everything they have is perfect,but it is the counselors delaying them for some odd reason.

I cannot stand people like you who believe that because it went smoothly for you and you were flawless,that somehow everyone else has bad credit,unstable job,etc.***,i could one up you and I made $120,000 on top of having a perfect credit score,stable job,etc.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1235296

I disagree with you. I too have the beyond the requested money saved.

No debt, not even a car note and was told I would qualify in August. Here it is November and I am still waiting for the Counselor to tell me when my information will be submitted and why I was told I would qualify in August but am still waiting.

Maybe it is the agent. I am in Philadelphia

to Anonymous #1395221

Hey who's your counselor? I'm in Philly as well and can help you look into this.

to Anonymous #1474417

Yes am from Philly as well am still waiting on approval since a week ago he told me to wait until may 11 this is too long

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