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Being the organized person that I am I was prepared for homeownership before I ever attended the initial NACA workshop during January of 2016. After the workshop I was scheduled to have my first appointment in February of 2016. By this time I had submitted, paystubs, banks statements, etc. I took a day off of work to go to the first meeting and my unprofessional counselor had thee nastiest attitude, but I tried to ignore it because I wanted to make the program work for my family and I. She went through my credit report, and my husbands. After her review we thought that it would be best to keep my husband off of the loan because I told her I wanted to purchase a home as FAST as possible.

Even though we decided to keep my husband as a household member only, she gave me a list of action items to complete that included explaining numerous things that were on my husbands credit report. Because I couldn't explain them, we ended up going to numerous creditors and paying off his medical debts....Later I found out that this wasn't even necessary.

March 2016 rolls around and once again I *** work so that we can go to our next meeting. I get to the lobby and sign in....We wait, and wait, and wait. Finally I go to the front desk and ask what's going on. The person at the front informs me that she told my counselor that I had arrived. The next thing I know I'm receiving email notifications from my counselor as I wait for her in the lobby to her office. The emails are telling me that I need to submit additional documents. So me being me, I go to the front desk and told them what was going on and I ask if I could use one of the computers in the office so that I could start to work on what my counselor was emailing me. They say okay and as I start to sit at the computer, my counselor comes out, pretends to be surprised and tells me that she was never told that I was waiting for her.

I go into her office, only told be told that she was going to set up ANOTHER appointment because she has to verify my employment history, and my rental payment history (which could have been done months ago, btw). So we schedule an over the phone appointment for May 2016...My counselor INSISTED on an over the phone appointment, btw. My appointment day rolls around. I was scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on that day. I went to work that day and arranged my schedule so that I would be able to step away for my appointment at 3:30. Well at 2:40 p.m. I receive a call from my counselor (not 3:30 p.m.), while I was still working btw, and she tells me that I will have to wait another year to buy a home because my rental history came back unfavorable from my landlord. I told my counselor that couldn't be true because we always pay our rent on time. She told me to contact my landlord and call her back. So I LEFT WORK that day in order to get proof of my rental payments and then go talk to my landlord. After speaking with him he realized that he confused my payment history with another tenant (although I think he just wanted me to stay at his property but that's another story). In order to rectify the situation, he submitted the form to NACA again, which shows that I have made all my payments on time....Days went by and I never heard from my counselor. After calling their member services department over a dozen times, I finally got a call from their office manager, about a week later. She told me that I would have to have my landlord explain the discrepancy between the two forms that he submitted. So I go speak to my landlord again, and he wrote a letter explaining what happened and submitted it to Naca....Days go by and no call from NACA. After numerous phone calls to their office, the office manger calls me back another few days later, not knowing what was going on with my file, only to tell me that she would look at my counselor's schedule and try to get an appointment for me! WTH?!

I have yet to have an appointment scheduled so I followed up with an email to members services, my counselor, and the Cleveland office manager asking if I could just have my file submitted to underwriting, without an additional appointment...three weeks later and still no response.

Needless to say I would not recommend NACA to anyone. They are unprofessional and there are too many unnecessary delays. Customer service is not their strong suit, and my counselor was not knowledgeable.

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Naca Verified Representative

We would like to look into your claims. Please email me at the address below with more details so we can investigate.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA


to NACA_Online Detroit, Michigan, United States #1213571

I did email you as well as Sheila Wilson, and the manager of the Cleveland office and once again I was ignored.

to Anonymous Brunswick, Ohio, United States #1226649

Wow I hope I get better treatment

to Anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1340582

Wow same treatment here

to Anonymous Akron, Ohio, United States #1352999

You probably won't it's going on a year and I never received a response but despite that I was able to get a home through Rick Kuczmarski, a lender in Cleveland, and without all the drama, and lack of professionalism. He's been in the business for over 30 years and after being treated so badly by Naca, he was the answer to my prayers.

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