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My husband has been qualified for NACA home purchase since June 2012 and still can't get per approval letter and the never call back and rarely email. Many times we are blamed for things on the end of the prigram such as lost emails.

Also keep saying short staffed and were told several times be approved soon. Also keep paying extra for short term lease at our apartment when could have went on year. So unfair that we are losing money and being annoyed. I sent a complaint my governor and highly recommend you all do the same.

This can't go on.

NACA gets government federal funds to not do what paid for. I beg you to email your governor and eventually we will be heard!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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San Francisco, California, United States #670937

know very well about the oakland office and can tell you that for the employees at that office closing loans in not were the money is it's in Home Saves. For every home save submitted by an employee they get $35 ( per submission period ).

So then you have a draw at $8 hour, which the employee has to pay back to NACA. Most employees concentrate on home saves to MAKE MONEY NOW. Purchase take time, alot on months even yeras to get approved and closed. Some members get approved and never find a home.

So as to not go into their $8 hour draw, employees push off all purchase members i.e. give them the brush off. For example making you come in for every appointment as to buy more time to submit Home Saves. The Naca employee knows you will not make the appt, that they book for you sometimes with your knowlegde most of the time without.

At times employees will be pulled off the office for a save the dream event ( WHICK REALLY SUCKS ) so goes the NACA marry go around.

Mebers are pitted against the income of the NACA employee and both lose in the end. Good will hunting.......................

to S0_Sad Orlando, Florida, United States #619290

What an awful thing to say. We have saved money and are using for the buy down as opposed to down payment for conventional and we also have closing cost similar to down payment all totaling 14 K.

Please find out before judging. We will go conventional if we have to but will be terrible that we invested in a government program. If you can't see that so sad.

Also NACA has no income limits so go judge something else. Many good folks w good credit work with NACA mortgage to buy.

to S0_Sad Atlanta, Georgia, United States #648636

S0_Sad, Please go get a life. Why are you on this section of this site anyway? Obviously you found some interest in NACA. But please throw up your life and and find another "pissed consumer" company.

Kind Regards,

shut up S0_Sad :x

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