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I just got off a workshop in Pembroke Pines which left me a bad taste in my mouth. The workshop was from 3 to 7 pm.

I stayed until almost 6 pm as I had to leave to pick my wife up. Everything was going well, they handed every one a book with steps to take to become a home owner. I have to say I really liked all I heard, until I had to leave. There was a woman in the exit who claimed to be a manager, who asked me if I was leaving.

I said yes, and she asked me how I was thinking to register as a member. I responded I'd do it online, then she said I had to give her the book back and I could not take it. I asked if I had to register today in order for me to keep the book and she didn't respond, and said those were the rules. The presenter mentioned there were about 400 people who attended.

The membership is $25 a year, which is nothing. However, if you do the math and say 80% of the people signed up, they'd have collected $8000 in just a few hours, and they do these workshops twice a month...go figure.

I don't know if it is a good program or not, but how can I trust they are for real? Just be aware....

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Seminar.

Reason of review: untrustworthy.

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Oh, what a great blessing to many who had the courage to "Believe" that true home ownership was possible for themselves. What a blessing NACA has been to many who had the patience and desire to complete the required program.

"Faith" to "Believe" that there was a better way to get mortgage without being victimized as many have through predatory lending. NACA , The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. It is unique because there are very few companies that will reach out to help owners keep their homes in times of trouble. There are very few companies in America that will hold you by the hand and prepare you for ownership.

NACA will teach you how to be a homeowner. Home ownership is a responsibility and NACA will be sure to inform workshop attendees who did not know. Many who want a home may have always lived in an apartment without knowledge of ownership requirements. There is a vast difference.

Maintaining a home includes mortgage payments, insurance, property tax and upkeep for value purposes. A neglected property will be of less value than it was at the time it was purchased and an eyesore in the neighborhood. Other residents will not be happy about that because it affects their property value also. Some people do not know this.

There is much more to learn during the workshop but you must complete it to find out. NACA does not hold workshops just to collect $25 from people and run. It has been fighting predatory lending for many years with marches, rallies and more all over the United States to challenge the status quo. There is staff to pay, business expenses, operational expenses and it costs money.

I feel the workshop fee is also to determine who is serious enough to invest their future and who is not. Do your own research for the truth. This company is here to help owners with good low interest loans without the average high interest bank loan. The outcome for those who complete the entire workshop is a low mortgage payment.

There is much to learn, however; the workshop must be completed in order to benefit from the program. NACA is 100% legitimate. While living in Atlanta, I worked with the company as a NACA Agent (Realtor) helping newly qualified applicants find their dream homes. I loved the experience.

The staff was great and the work environment was a joy. Rest assured that this program is the real deal. Do not let negative thinkers stop you from realizing a dream that can come true if you attend the workshop.

I only hope that they decide to open an office in Savannah, GA. $25 is just a drop in the bucket to learn something new that would be of great benefit for many years to come, possibly a lifetime.


Well do u think i should attend this workshop

to OddMagpie #1666626

*** no. Stay away from naca


They are for real. My brother and sister in law used rhem to get their home as they had to walk away from their first home due to being upside down in their mortgage. They bought their home 2 years ago and urged mebto go through the program.


Paying $25, in my opinion helps them give you a zero closing cost, low interest rate, and zero down payment. It’s listed in the about the program section. I heard great things about this program, it’s better than Habitat for humanity from what I heard.


I know people who purchased through naca it's legit. But they want to be sure that you are invested in home ownership


I appreciate your review. There are a lot of great home buying programs out there, & many with lenders, loan officers, realtors, etc., willing to help for free.

And without telling grown people that they're not allowed to leave their workshop. This one isn't for everyone, & that's understandable. Especially if you felt by the end of the workshop, they were no better than any other program.

I'm not sure why anyone would be in they're feelings about your opinion. The tone of this rep alone would turn me off from wanting to work with them.


ok 25.00 membership fee, in order to get in your very own home a small price to pay.

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1326264

This "complaint" is so absurd, it is just plain funny. I cant help but laugh.

Tim cleared this up in his lengthy response. Great job Tim.

NACA Verified Representative

The fact of the matter is that we do require that all attendees stay for the entire duration of the workshop without exception. The NACA program is dramatically different from any other lending program out there and the entire workshop is filled with critical information beginning to end.

If it weren't, the workshop would certainly be shorter than it's four-hour duration.

In short, you are not allowed to arrive late or leave early because you WILL miss critical information. If you arrive late, you will be turned away. If you leave early, it's the same as never having been there. Very simply, if you knew that you would not have been able to stay for the entire workshop, you would have been well advised to make other arrangements, such as attend the workshop on another day or arrange alternative transportation.

You may not register for the purchase program online, because attending the complete workshop is the required first step. Staying for the entire workshop and completing the registration form provided at the end of the workshop is the only way to register. This is again to ensure that you stay for the complete workshop.

One of the most important things any home buyer can do to succeed in the NACA program is to simply comply with the rules of the program and the instructions provided by your counselor. The person you spoke with was in fact correct in retrieving the manual and asking about how you were going to continue since you were not going to complete the very first required step in the process.

However, you may download a PDF copy of the workbook for free from our website at https://www.naca.com/Scripts/pdfviewer/web/viewer.html?pdffile=/media/1249/purchaseworkbook.pdf

And by the way, your statement of "If you do the math and say 80% of the people signed up, they'd have collected $8000 in just a few hours, and they do these workshops twice a month...go figure" is also off the mark.

The $25 (per family, not per person) membership fee is paid only by those who choose to proceed forward in the program. Considering the dozens of hours that will be put in by NACA Housing Counselors, Mortgage Consultants, Underwriters, Inspection/Review Specials and Rehab Coordinators on each file, it breaks down to pennies per man-hour. As you noted, the annual fee is indeed nothing.

Please re-register for a workshop at a time when you know you can stay for the duration of the program so we can help you get started on the path to homeownership. Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA ttrumble@naca.com

to NACA_Online Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1308519

No true. I know people who have registered online and set appoimtmemts with a counselor without attending a workshop.

Obviously, there are inconsistencies in the process.

I'm not saying you should change the rules or not to follow them, It is the attitude that counts. I felt like in the end, you are not better than any other financial organization outhere, like you try to present yourselves.

to Anonymous #1310294
NACA Verified Representative

I'm afraid your statement "I know people who have registered online and set appointments with a counselor without attending a workshop" for the NACA Purchase Program is absolutely, unquestionably false.

It is a physical impossibility for someone to establish a NACA Purchase Program file for themselves on line as our system simply does not allow it.

Only people seeking help with a mortgage modification in our Home Save Program may create their own file. Files for the Purchase Program can only be created by NACA employees from the information provided on the registration form given to each attendee at the very end of the workshop.

While you may have known someone in our Home Save Program in the past, I can state for an absolute certainty that you do not know anyone in our Purchase Program who did not begin by attending the workshop.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA


to NACA_Online #1494762

You forgot to tell them you need a NACA id# in order to get an appointment with a counselor. So yeah that is not true they just got an appointment. Thanks Tim

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