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I have yet to attend the workshop and am skeptical at this point

Original review posted by user May 01, 2017

I am registered for my first workshop this coming saturday but after reading these reviews i am extremely nervous to even begin the journey with NACA. The response from Tim (NACA representative) on this thread was somewhat callous and disheartening at times. I thought this would be a great process but I'm truly having second thoughts considering the rudeness and blatant disrespect from the NACA workers.

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Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #1326312

Go and move forward. I qualified for a mortgage 1 year removed from a bankruptcy and we were homeless only a year before that. I'm going to tell you first hand that anyone with any negative review is not stating the WHOLE story.

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1326260

Read my POSITIVE review here:

Listen, you will find all sorts of negative people on this board. It's what they do, they complain.

NACA is not for complainers. It is for people who seriously want to get the ABSOLUTE BEST mortgage terms POSSIBLE in the nation.

IS it slow? Sure. Is the customers service poor?


Not always, but sure. Who really cares when you saving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a 15-30 year loan?

to krisfnbs Fountain Valley, California, United States #1327080

Its easy to say those statements, but how can you be o.k with people loosing their escrow down payment because naca cant ctc, specially when you have done everything you have to. But for some reason the hand cordinators in my case are incompetent to say the least.

to josue preciado Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1327230

This is EXTREMELY uncommon, and is fault is usually on the buyer's side one way or another. I agree the hand department is frustrating to say the least, but there are ways to get around the hand department. Choose a house with less issues for starters.

to krisfnbs #1334516

Mr. that you??? Lol!

to Anonymous Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1334549

Of course not. Just a NACA member who doesn't tolerate when people complain about the program when it has helped THOUSANDS of people across the nation.

Bottom line, the program works. It's certainly NOT easy, but it WORKS. Those who stick it out no matter what end up with the best mortgage terms in the nation. The program requires constant hands on from the buyer.

The program will NOT spoon feed people through. Those who are determined enough WILL reap the benefits.


Iam also registered for my first workshop Saturday and I must say these reviews a bit frightening!! It's nothing like going to witness it for yourself though!

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