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I worked with them to buy a home in the metro Atlanta area. I choose to do remote counseling which means I didn't step foot into an office until I was "qualified". I will say the customer service was great until I had to deal one-on-one with with the Atlanta office.They are rude, incompetent, and have absolutely no motivation to help.

After I put in an offer on the home I found out I was not qualified due to a some inaccurate information given to me by a counselor, everyone makes mistakes so I was understanding. I am an even tempered person. I normally would have addressed the issue they found and continued with the program, but due to the treatment I received at the Atlanta office I just said f-it and vowed never to do business with the company again.

I don't think they are a scam, I know people who have obtained a mortgage. I do think (at least in my area) competent workers are few and far between. I would steer clear unless you have a great amount of patience for ignorance and poor workmanship.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Naca. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Naca to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was communication, time consuming, counselor and competency. If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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This story has a BIG hole. When you are qualified, you receive a letter detailing your qualification.

You need that letter to put an offer in on a home.

So how is it possible you actually were not qualified due to inaccurate information given to you by a counselor. That would suggest you were given a forged qualification letter no?

to Anonymous #990769

Yes. I was.

I would not have been able to put in an offer without being qualified. I went to the meeting they have you go to after being in fact qualified. As I stated above there were some mistakes made, which I understood. I can deal with a mistake.

I severed ties because I received poor customer service from the ATL office. (I am the original writer of the post)

Naca Verified Representative

DisappointedATL 01,

Yours actually appears to be a legitimate concern, contrary to the vast majority who post on this site only to complain, and sometimes even lower themselves to the point of engaging in contempuous insults rather than seek help. Please contact me with your name and NACA ID number so I can look into it for you.

I'm still curious why you chose to post here, on a site that serves no legitimate purpose, instead of going to our Forum to express your concerns, or even reach out to me directly. But at least your post wasn't made up of groundless accusations expressed in a vitriolic manner and it appears that you may actually want some help with a genuine problem since you didn't simply rant because you didn't get your way.

Please get in touch with me so I can see what I can do to help.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA ttrumble@naca.com

Naca Verified Representative

The NACA Atlanta office is quite probably the busiest and most over-burdened office in the entire NACA system. While that by no means justifies any sort of rude behavior, you make no mention of reaching out to senior NACA management or even Member Services to express your concerns.

Instead, you "just said f-it" and posted anonymously here on a website that has nothing to do with NACA. If NACA management isn't made aware of such problems, how can we hope to resolve them?

A simple call to Member Services at 425-602-6222 may have created a much more agreeable outcome for you.

Most of our offices are indeed overloaded, which is why we are currently on a national hiring campaign for all of our offices, which will hopefully take some of the heavy load from the shoulders of our staff members. We apologize for any inappropriate attitudes you may have experienced.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA


to NACA_Online West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #943637

I'm laughing reading this. I've been working with NACA for over a year.

Reach out? I've reached out to everyone I possibly could. I always get no reply or information that does not help, it's written in the worst English structure, or incorrect information. I reach out and reach out and NOTHING.

I was told that my file was at the lender on the 5th of Feb. but then last night, on the 9th, I got an official email saying the lender had it. So, the 72 hour period begins now, not from the 5th? And, I've had closing dates extended since Dec.

28th. Someone could appropriately communicate with me and let me know what's going on. I am constantly in the dark, not knowing what's going on. It's terrible.

And counselors don't care. They are saying, "I've done this before." Who cares. I constantly have a new closing date and my lawyer and the seller's lawyer are constantly on me. I get emails by the seller's lawyer saying he will not grant an extension.

My agent does NO communicating on my behalf.

It's a nightmare.

to Carol #954951
Naca Verified Representative

Yes, reach out. There are multiple channels with which you can communicate with us, and it simply isn't possible that they would have all been fruitless.

It's curious to see that you state that the counselors don't care, but when a counselor tried to assure you of his experience in doing his or her job, is was you who responded, "Who cares".

Extensions and new closing dates are commonplace in the real estate industry, and the pressure they are putting on you is just part of the games that are unfortunately an all too normal part of the process. They get too eager to get their commission check instead of seeing to it things are done accurately and completely.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA


to NACA_Online Atlanta, Georgia, United States #959286

I'm sorry I have to agree with the complaints. I've been rescheduled 6 times and each time I was told that my previous counselor was no longer with the company.

My last counselor (as of 03/13/15) kept questioning a $8900 deduction (head of household). He thought it was a dividend from a business ownership. It is not the member's fault if the loan counselor isn't trained properly. This makes the process stressful and more difficult than necessary.

There must be a reason why there is such a high turnover and so many complaints.

And yes I have reached out to the main customer service. I wanted to know why I had to make 2 membership payments within 5 months. I was told that it was because I started my process the latter part of 2014 and was rescheduled so often that I was now in another calendar year.

I was also told if I didn't make the payment my "package" wouldn't be moved forward to underwriting. All in all, so far it has cost me over $100 just in paperwork for the counselor. Then I was rescheduled again.

Then I was told that I need to schedule my volunteering.

Considering how my process is going, its rather hard for me to encourage others at this point.

to NACA_Online #1007371

Tim Trumble

I do appreciate you supporting the mission and purpose of NACA, however, it is a group that is rife with personnel issues. As a realtor, I had a client who had been pre-qualified for a certain mortgage amount.

She got her letter from NACA, found a home, submitted an offer and then was told that she was not qualified- even though the new mortgage was actually going to be lower than her current rent which was being paid in a timely fashion. The problem I have seen with NACA has always been personnel. They are unclear about their own guidelines so they give the clients poor information. Even worse, they arbitrarily change the terms and conditions.

It's like - go do A, B, C and you will be qualified. The client comes back after A, B, C and it's like why didn't you do do D, E, F. It is a good program, but clients have to have patience to navigate the system.

It's a terrible program to use in a hot market, because it's hard to get a quick response to get documentation to submit with an offer. I tell clients to use the program if they can, but always be prepared to work with a backup lender.

to NACA_Online #979657

I am actually the original writer of the post and had issues with the Atlanta chapter during one of their seminars. I spoke with some of the senior management while I was there, and I also had to speak with member services before the seminar.

If the same people are employed in the Atlanta office (they are because I have a friend going through counseling) then I don't believe much will change in terms of inappropriate office behavior and professionalism. I have little faith that I would have had a more "agreeable outcome" had I called member services an additional time.

And if this website is so inconsequential there would be no need for NACA operations to come here to respond to client or previous client grievances.

My post was not rude and I choose to post anonymously because I rather not have my personal information splattered on the Internet.

I even noted that the program is legit I have just made the choice to explore different options because the Atlanta office rubbed me the wrong way. I sincerely hope there are some fixes done to the Atlanta office and they are able to help some people obtain homes.

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