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I am a real estate professional who has worked with NACA twice and both times have been the worst experience of my Real Estate Career. As many here know ,buying a home is a stressful process as you have deadlines you have to meet and they're numerous obstacles that come throughout the process.

My job as a realtor is to make that process as smooth as possible as well as your down payment assistance/loan provider. NACA does not do this at all. If you have a question you need answered NACA will not answer it in a timely manner. If you have a deadline you need to meet goodluck using NACA as they do nothing to communicate effectively to avoid mistakes and issues.

I am absolutely gutted for my client as he is now highly stressed from this situation and the day he was suppose to close was not met and he has to now beg his current landlord to allow him to stay until we have a closing date...which we do not have at this time. As I've had prior experience with NACA i know that the poor reviews are very true and I informed my client of these reviews and like many of you here, he went against the reviews and decided to work with them. I will give NACA credit their loan product is great and I would love to refer them to future clients but I cannot because the process is so unbelievably unprofessional and unacceptable.

I will give advice for those who choose to ignore the numerous reviews and use NACA anyways. Make sure you get a realtor who knows the NACA process whether it be NACA's referred agents(many have written bad reviews of their agents as well)or someone who has experience with down payment assistance programs.

Working with NACA requires you to take the full responsibility of sending in your documents in a timely manner and if you do not meet these dates they suspend your account. NACA may even suspend your account if you have sent in the file they need 3 times. No matter, it is imperative that you stay in constant communication with your mortgage counselor as my experience is that they will consistently ask you for documents you have sent them over and over again.

My next advice is to make sure you read the NACA workbook thoroughly as my clients have had many questions throughout the process but due to their poor communication neither of my clients were able to get those questions answered in a timely manner.

Lastly if you believe in a higher power pray until you can't pray anymore. The process is beyond stressful and I am happy for those who worked with NACA and had a smooth experience but both of my experiences have been absolutely awful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Best rates.

I didn't like: Terrible customer service, Lack of knowledge, Rescheduled appt three times, Empty promises, Counselor.

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NACA Verified Representative

At no point has NACA ever claimed that our process is fast or easy, and in fact it isn’t designed to be. The basis of the NACA program is full-document underwriting, a process that requires every i to be dotted and t to be crossed.

It is by going to this level of detail that NACA is able to provide the same unbeatable terms to everyone regardless of their credit score or past financial history. As such, the buyer does indeed have to take responsibility to make sure all requested documents are submitted in a timely manner and to keep their documents updated in their file as needed. As you know from your own experience in the industry, requests to resubmit documents are in fact commonplace in the mortgage application process. However it simply is not true that a file is “suspended” if a document is not received.

It may not be able to progress forward, but that would be the case in any mortgage or credit application process and is significantly different than suspending the file. Additionally, the very reason we give our members the Home Buyer’s Workbook at the beginning of the process and the Purchase Workbook after qualifying is for them to be read in order to understand the program and its requirements. Reading the workbook is in fact a requirement, not an afterthought. Up to half the questions received through our Member Services Department and other communication channels are actually answered in the workbook.

So you are exactly right in saying that they should read the workbook thoroughly. That’s why they received it in the first place. Please also remember that routine questions regarding the program and file updates should go through NACA Member Services rather than the counselor. Member Services exists in part to alleviate the counselor of that burden so he or she can focus on completing our members’ file and submitting them for qualification.

I’m sorry that your NACA experiences haven’t met your expectations, but please remember that our process is focused on things being done the right way, not the fast way. The vast majority of NACA members close in a timely fashion, meeting our 28-day contract-to-closing timeline.

I hope that going forward your experiences helping people reach their dream of homeownership with NACA are much smoother. Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA

to NACA_Online #1547725

You are so full of it Tim or whoever you're name is. I'm 1000% certain nobody expected the process to be fast.

I expected at least a 4-6 months wait, yet here I am almost a year with no end in sight. Documents are ALWAYS on time, I see my useless MC every MONTH! I'm doing everything that is expected of me. Yet, again, here I am.

I absolutely believe the reviewer because I've read the same reviews on other websites. No one can explain if the client is doing everything that they are suppose to why is the process so long? We're talking up to 2 years here come on. I didn't underatand how naca has only closed on 60,000 houses and they've been in business for so long?

The program sounds absolutely awesome--until I started with them and I knew exactly why? Naca should be closing on more than 60,000 houses. The Process is just horrifically long and people just don't find it's worth the wait nor the headache. I agree when people say save the 20% down.

Dealing with naca we're almost there (20%) . The restrictions on to get their home loans also isn't that great either.

to NACA_Online #1594093

Rude and nasty. Your customer service is bad.

I feel bad for these citizens going to a company like yours with such a nasty attitude.

This should be an indication to all. NACA will y’all and communicate with you in any manner that’s unprofessional.

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