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The lack of transparency as to how long the qualification process takes lends itself accusations and much deserved criticism. There belief is " the end justifies the means." In other words, if you have other options move on.

The lack of communication only makes it worse. If you aren't able to attend one of their weekend long seminars, then you wait twice as long-appointments postponed due to fact that your "counselor" was sent to wherever next seminar is. Absolutely nothing but a number to NACA. When you do speak to an employee they are impersonal if not just indifferent to you.

But, why not?

Where else are the people they repeatedly insist they help going to go. They are probably chuckling under their breath or better yet laughing when counseling session is over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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NACA had me arrested because I am exposing their blatant regard to State and Federal Laws. Search NACA on facebook and you will see my videos. Feel free to reach out to me if you need the proper authorities to report them to.


Thank you! Naca is crap and should be shutdown.

We are not one of those naca qualified folks that can't go anywhere else. I'm very grateful for that. I read a review of someone that had been going through the process for 3 years!!! That is just insane.

Naca has a 10 step process but it seems each step takes at least 4-6 months a piece...

I see why it takes 2 to 3 years to actually get a home through NACA. I never understood why traditional banks only takes 3 days to qualify and 45 days to close where naca takes 2 years!


I went to a presentation on July 7th in Los Angeles and they told me they'd send me a number, but they never did. I am not waiting for that anymore.

It seems to me that they are looking for a certain type of people and if you are not that kind, they will ignore you. That's my two cents.

NACA Verified Representative

I'm not sure where the idea of "lack of transparency as to how long the qualification process takes" comes from. The fact that every file is different and each takes its own amount of time is made very clear from the very beginning of the process.

Anyone who has attended an Achieve the Dream event knows that it is a huge opportunity for home buyers to get through the process very quickly since all elements of the first four steps of the process are brought together in one place. This is why many members already in the process attend the events as well as new members, as the process is streamlined in a manner that simply isn't possible otherwise. The number of local office appointments that have to be rescheduled because of the events are minimal since the events are conducted over the course of a weekend. Those members who are rescheduled are invited to attend the event and are rescheduled for the very first open appointment available.

Additionally, counselors and underwriters don't always have a member in front of them every second of every day at the event, especially at the beginning and end of the day. During those times, they are in fact reviewing their "regular" files. With staff members putting in 14 to 16-hour days at the events, literally thousands of people are either qualified or are able to make much greater process than they could otherwise. During the recent Atlanta event, I brought a member's file to the attention of the underwriter to get clarification on the file's conditions to help that member understand how best to proceed.

A great deal of progress is made on literally thousands of files during the course of the event, which in turn lightens the workload on every counselor and underwriter. Why would we put ourselves through all that if members were "Absolutely nothing but a number to NACA"? We are sorry if an event resulted in a setback for you. You are welcome to attend any Achieve the Dream event anywhere in the country.

Every event in fact sees several people who fly in specifically and get the job done.

That sort of dedication once again shows that the determination of the individual member is the biggest determining factor in how long it takes to reach your goal. Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA

to NACA_Online #1700718

Of course defends NACA. Nothing has or will change.

Would love to know how many applicants required to keep their funding. And just how many applicants actually go to closing in 1 fiscal or calendar year

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