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I've heard only good things from others who recommended me to NACA. I've heard the process is long but nowadays so are other banks.

I went to a NACA seminar in 2012 in Jamaica, New York and the maximum purchase price was 338,000 at that time. What are the 2015 purchase price limits in Suffolk County, New York for a one family home? Are multi-family homes allowed? If so how many units can be in a NACA multi-family mortgaged property?

Can a one family or multi-family home be new construction? In Advance, Thank You!

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NACA Verified Representative

Purchase price limits are set for each Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) as established by the federal government. At present, the maximum piurchase price for a single family home in your area is $362,790.

The NACA program allows you to purchase up to a four-unit building, and the maximum purchase price increases proportionally for two, three or four unit properties.

The maximum purchase price for a four unit property in your area is $697,696.

Information can be found for price limits by going to the NACA website at www.naca.com, then click on the "Purchase tab at the top of the page. Select "Purchase Program" from the drop-down menu and enter your Zip Code where indicated under "Areas We Serve & Purchase Price".

We invite you to join our NACA Forum at http://forums.naca.com with any additional questions.

Tim Trumble

Online Operations, NACA ttrumble@naca.com

to NACA_Online #1455551

Hi Tim. I'm attending a workshop on April 6th.

I have a few questions. My income is higher than the median income for the area I'd like to purchase in. The area itself isn't listed on the NACA site, it states that the zip code isnt in the system. Am I only eligible to purchase only within the cities that do come up?

These are notoriously crime ridden areas with poor school districts, which is why I'm concerned. The maximum housing cost in these areas is also much lower than I would be seeking for a home.Thanks in advance for your response

to Brandy #1455715

Join the NACA forum. You’re question will most likely be answered quicker there.

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