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The journey:

•March 2017- Attended the workshop

•July 11, 2017- (1st counselor) appointment

•October 16, 2017 - (1st counselor) appointment

•December 13, 2017 - (1st counselor) appointment

•March 8, 2018 - (1st counselor) appointment

•April 28, 2018 - Attended NACA Baltimore Event

•July 10, 2018 - (1st counselor) appointment

•July 24, 2018 - (2nd counselor) appointment

•August 10, 2018 - (2nd counselor) appointment

•August 30, 2018 - ( 3rd counselor) appointment

•September 6, 2018 - (3rd counselor) appointment

•September 24, 2018 - QUALIFIED

•October 10, 2018 - (4th counselor) appointment

•October 25, 2018 - (4th counselor) appointment

--Plus countless amount of emails and phone calls--

After Being Qualified:

•After being qualified,

•We probably looked at --at least-- 40 properties

•Then we found a townhouse we liked,

•Then we get the inspection done ($650),

•Disagreed with seller during negotiation,

•Again started looking at properties,

•Found another townhouse that we liked,

•Paid the Ernest Money Deposit ($3000)

•Then we get the inspection done ($650),

•Negotiated with the seller all the repairs, to which he agreed to fix all,

•Then the appraisal done,

•THEN NACA calls to say that their underwriter has qualified us "by mistake" and we have to wait 6 months to be qualified again.

•As for the reasons, all they say was I need to have a full year of good payment history, which I already have.


•This is not acceptable, I have:

•Adjusted my rent situation by giving notice to landlord.

•Paid for property inspection twice, for two properties.

•Emotionally invested in the new home and the life changing event that was about to happen.

•Myself and my wife have made a change of location for our jobs to be able to work at a nearby office near the new home. --same employers--

How can NACA qualify someone, then that someone look at properties and find one, go through the inspection and appraisal,, HAND dept,, then they say "well, you were qualified by mistake, and now you can't go through with the current property, you have to wait 6 more months to be qualified".

What can I do at this point? I am beyond pissed, it is so frustrating.

Is this sue-able? Please advice...

Product or Service Mentioned: Naca Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Length of time it takes to get an appointment, Communication, Ignorance, False-information.

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Naca is nothing but useless appointment and action plans. The NACA appointments consist of you watching your "MC" upload your documents into their *** system. If you do it yourself you knock off a whole hour off the usual 2 - 2 1/2 hour NACA appointment.


Update: All NACA said after the appeal is "we apologize for what this mistake might have caused you, but we can't qualify you at the time being" I lost $3000 for EMD,, $1300 for the inspections (two properties).... I asked NACA for refund,, will keep you posted.. Talking with couple lawyers...

to DirectDormouse #1599806
NACA Verified Representative

Your file was appealed to a NACA executive by the office manager, who pointed out several potentially mitigating factors such as an excellent savings pattern and that the major item which caused the reversal had been several months ago. Unfortunately, they were not sufficient to justify reinstating the approval.

Additionally, another negative item occurred after submitting the Purchase and Sale Agreement that, regardless of the previous situation, would have been sufficient to cause the file to be denied credit access and would have also caused a rejection had the application been sent to the bank. This new issue would have been by itself sufficient to halt the process even if the intial denial could have been reversed.

I'm truly sorry we weren't able to provide a resolution more to everyone's liking. Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA

NACA Verified Representative

The idea that a file that fell short of the criteria for qualification getting past both a counselor and an underwriter is all but unfathomable unless some new piece of information came to light after the initial qualification that would have changed the status. I would like to review the file and get to the bottom of what happened, and possibly even get the qualification reinstated if possible.

Please email me at ttrumble@naca.com with your name, NACA ID number and a reminder of your story so I can investigate. Tim Trumble Online Operations, NACA ttrumble@naca.com

to NACA_Online #1597880

Hi Tim, Thank you for the reply on this inquiry/complaint. Just to clarify, nothing has changed on my side since I was qualified.

It was stated that this was a "mistake" on the underwriters side. I do agree with you 100% that this is unfathomable. I will be emailing you shortly my information, hopefully you can reinstate the qualification before the I run out of time with the current ratified contract. Note: the office manager emailed me today and has appealed the decision last night.

Currently I am waiting on the results of the appeal. i will keep updating this post.

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